Bed bug treatment does not have to break the bank. While it may be an unforeseen emergency expense, most situations can be managed and successfully handled for an affordable price tag. In some severe situations we can see the expense rise, but for the average customer, treatment is affordable and reasonable. Not a joy to do, but attainable and necessary to prevent the issue from worsening.

A Cautionary Tale

We’ve been in the bed bug business awhile now, and we’ve heard some doozies, but this one takes the cake. If we can help one family by sharing this customer story, then it’s worth it.

We were contacted by a customer who had been previously treated by another company, back in early 2019. Fast forward to present day, they have bed bugs (still? again?), a pretty minor issue at this point, but they know they have to deal with it quickly.

Upon exploring their situation further, they are following all precautions and preventative measures, they are vigilant! Come to find out, their vigilance is because their last treatment cost them in excess of $12,000. No, that is not a typo!

The treatment they had done by their previous exterminator was priced at $6,000 for heat only, and they were told to throw all furniture away. So combining the actual treatment price tag with the cost of replacing all their beds, couches, chairs, etc – Left them with over $12,000 in expenses related to what they described as a pretty minor bed bug problem. There was no inspection done after their treatment, so not only do they have to treat again, they don’t know if that $12,000 price tag actually resolved the issue in the first place..

Now there are a few things “wrong” with this;

  1. Heat treatments should only be used in very severe situations. This was not the case
  2. Heat treatments and most all treatments do NOT require furniture to be thrown away
  3. Treatment must be followed up by a canine inspection to ensure it was effective
  4. No bed bug treatment on any home should cost a family $12,000, period. This is predatory sales!

Just to put this in perspective for you, our chemical treatment costs rarely exceed $1,000 for a typical family home, with a minor to moderate bed bug issue. Learn more about treatment cost, which is based on a few factors. We offer heat, but typically reserve it for severe infestations. We also follow up ALL treatments with a canine inspection to ensure 100% effectiveness.

UPDATE: Yesterday, Levy the dog successfully cleared this house following their treatment process. “You have been a pleasure to work with in every aspect. When we had a question, you responded immediately. We wish we would have found you in the first place. Thank you”.

Ensuring Affordable Bed Bug Treatment

Here are a few tips before you hire a bed bug contractor (or any contractor, really)

Tip 1: Get more than one quote! Make sure you compare 2-3 estimates, compare what they include and make sure you are getting the most value for your money.

Tip 2: Research the company you are going to hire. Read reviews, make sure the price you are being quoted is fair and reasonable for the project being done.

Tip 3: Hire a company that offers more than one service. In bed bug world, this is critical. Companies that are limited to heat often charge more because that is the only tool in their toolbox. Heat is rarely necessary, but always more expensive.

Tip 4: Make sure whoever you hire can confirm the treatment was successful. If you are hiring a plumber, you are going to test the faucet for a leak before he leaves. If you hire a bed bug exterminator that doesn’t do a K9 completion inspection, how do you know it worked?

View more questions to think about and ask before you hire a bed bug exterminator.

This can be a stressful, overwhelming situation with emotions running high, but it is very important to understand your options before you trust your business to a contractor.