Bed Bug Treatment Cost Varies Widely

The costs to treat bed bugs can have a pretty wide range depending on who you talk to! Different companies operate differently, and that can mean a big cost difference. Understanding your options and pricing logic can go a long way to choosing a provider if you are making the calls to figure out where to start. Let us help!

The Size of Treatment Area

The size of the area to be treated, usually the size of your home, is going to almost always factor into the cost of a bed bug treatment. Here is the catch, some companies offer to treat only one room, or one piece of furniture.. Thus translating to a cheaper price at first, but it will cost you in the long run.

Bed bugs can make there way throughout your home. They will travel to find a food source, and they can be transported by your clothing and movement throughout your house. Spot treating certain rooms is just simply not effective. Look for a bed bug exterminator that treats your WHOLE house. It may cost more up front, but you won’t have to pay over and over as bed bugs inevitably show up in other areas of your home.

The Type of Treatments Offered

A full service bed bug company will provide an array of treatment options. The best option depending on the severity of the problem, will be selected for your unique situation. Some bed bug companies are limited to what they can offer, and this can have a huge impact on bed bug treatment cost.

For example, companies that are NOT licensed exterminators can offer heat only. These heaters are expensive, and your quote will show that! They are limited to what they can offer, regardless of how bad (or not bad) your problem is. Further, heat without chemical is not foolproof!

Companies that are exterminators that do NOT specialize in bed bugs are going to have overhead and will pass that cost on to you. The “big box” companies are spending millions on marketing, and someone has to pay for that! These companies often will also only offer traditional chemical pest control.

The Treatment Process Itself

Just like the types of treatments can vary, the way these treatment processes work can vary from company to company as well. Having an affordable, comprehensive treatment process is key. Again, you don’t want to keep paying a provider to come back over and over, and having a menu of items is essential to making sure a bed bug problem is successfully resolved.


The bottom line is do your research! Check out bed bug exterminator reviews, learn about what the company offers and make a decision that fits your unique situation and budget. Certain sales tactics can backfire and actually make the problem worse. Lastly, putting profits over good business is a recipe for disaster. Get a free inspection and evaluation and find a trusted service provider in your area! If you are in Northeast Ohio, call us!