Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Bed bug heat treatment is the ideal option for extreme situations and infestations. Step 1 is to identify a bed bug problem with our visual or K9 Inspection.  Step 2 is to eliminate bed bugs with bed bug heat treatment and chemical applications.

Using heat as a means to treat and get rid of a bed bug problem is recognized industry-wide as a great solution for severe bed bug issues.  Using heat combined with chemical is essential to ensuring a bed bug problem is treated. This one-two punch is the only effective way for heat treating a home. Having chemical as a back up to the bed bug heat treatment ensures that anything that survives the heat treatment is eradicated.

How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Our trained professionals will provide the appropriate preparation directions, or can be scheduled to complete the tasks on your behalf.  After preparative work is done, our experts will begin the set up process and then start to heat the area.  Trained by the best in the industry, we use only the safest and most efficient equipment on the market.  Our heaters are approved for the specified use, designed to heat structures for this exact purpose. Our bed bug heat treatment equipment meets OSHA safety standards, and is EPA registered.

Our 24 hour process is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to heat treat and eliminate a bed bug problem.


Heat Treatment Benefits

  • Bed bugs have a very low tolerance to heat
  • Fast results
  • Bed bug heat treatment kills all stages of the bed bugs’ life cycle – Nymph, egg, adult
  • Heat treatment is safe
  • Heat treatment is effective for serious infestations
  • Heat can get into hard to reach areas

Other Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Not only will a heat treatment help to eliminate a serious bed bug problem, but additional benefits decrease the likelihood of further problems down the line.  Using heat as a means to treat bed bugs also eliminates moisture issues within the areas being treated, which if left un-treated can lead to other infestations.  Heat is safe, it is not dependent on weather or other conditions and there are no unpleasant odors or signs that anything occurred.

With heat treatments, furniture, mattresses, carpets and all other areas are penetrated 100%.  Your business or household items will not need to be thrown away.

Bed bug heat treatment is also extremely discreet.  When treating an area it must be vacant, but there are no signs that treatment occurred after the fact.  Our equipment is discreet and confidentiality is our number one priority.

Schedule your bed bug heat treatment now! Our experts are standing by to serve you, and to make your bed bug problems a distant memory. Get a free quote or call today!