5 Reasons to Find and Hire a Bed Bug Specialist

Reason 1 to Hire a Bed Bug Specialist: Bed bugs are a complex pest to treat. Hiring a regular exterminator or a big box pest control company is simply not the most effective route. In some instances, regular exterminators will not even treat bed bugs! They often do not want to or cannot deal with it.

In another scenario, say you hire one of the big pest control companies, and they send you an inexperienced service technician who has A. no idea how to find bed bug evidence or B. has no idea how to effectively apply treatment – Either way, you lose. I can’t tell you how many times we get called out to an inspection where a general extermination company has missed LIVE bed bugs or has failed to properly resolve a bed bug infestation.

Reason 2 to Hire a Bed Bug Specialist: Strategy. There is more to the successful treatment process than simply using pesticide or setting up heaters. A successful bed bug treatment is EQUAL parts treatment and preparation. By specializing in bed bugs, we can support clients from start to finish – We guide you through the essential tasks that must happen in your home or business, in order for treatment to be successful. If you simply “spray and pray” as we call it, your treatment could very likely fail.

Reason 3 to Hire a Bed Bug Specialist: COST! When you hire a local specialist, you are not paying for multi million dollar marketing budgets that have nothing to do with your job or even the pest you are treating. A bed bug expert will usually have low overhead, and therefore can pass the savings on to you.

In addition, a bed bug specialist will use an effective treatment process – There is no nickel and diming you for every piece of furniture or room in your house. Read about ineffective spot treatments, which is unfortunately a very common and deceiving sales tactic.

Reason 4 to Hire a Bed Bug Specialist: Licensing. There is absolutely no reason to hire an unlicensed service professional for such a serious situation. Did you know heat treatment companies are not required to carry any kind of licensing? Having a licensed, full service bed bug exterminator is key to a successful treatment. Do a bit of research, read reviews on the BBB and make sure your service provider is licensed and has a good track record.

Reason 5 to Hire a Bed Bug Specialist: Experience. Past the licensing, past the knowledge of bed bug biology, and bed bug treatment strategy – A bed bug specialist has the experience and years of expertise. Every single situation is unique and only hands on experience can help.