Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Our customized treatment plans will get rid of the problem without breaking your budget.  On average, our costs are 30-40% less than the major national brands. Any bed bug treatment cost is determined based on a variety of factors at your home or business.  We will guide you through the details to ensure every base is covered, and we are able to provide an accurate quote for your treatment.  From early onset to severe infestations, every single treatment plan is clearly outlined, without any hidden fees or surprise details.

A key factor to an affordable, effective treatment is to call us at the very first sign of a bed bug issue!  The longer an infestation has to grow, the worse the problem becomes. Our free visual inspections and expert consultations will provide you all of the information you need.

Determining the Cost for Treating Bed Bugs

Some of the factors we take into consideration include the size of the area to be treated, the degree of the infestation and any added services. Our bed bug dog inspection and treatment services are recognized as the industry’s most efficient and effective means of detection and treatment.  Using visual and K9 inspections allows us to identify problem areas fast.  Pesticide treatments are available and safely completed using commercial grade, industry approved treatments – We are appropriately licensed and insured in the state of Ohio. Our chemical treatments combined with heat bed bug treatment is an affordable combination to tackle more severe infestations.

Additional Services

Along with inspecting and treating bed bugs, we can provide support services to make your treatment plans easier. From site preparation before your treatment, to storage containers, de-cluttering services, packing services and more – We can make your treatment experience easy and fast.

Preventative Plans and Treatment

For individuals working in healthcare, hospitality and many other industries, it makes sense to have a long term plan in place.  Bed bugs do not discriminate, and an infestation can occur virtually overnight.  For detailed information and ongoing, custom plans and a bed bug treatment cost analysis for your home or business, call our experts now. 216-544-8292