Bed Bug Exterminator Cost

Depending on the service provider, the severity of your infestation and the size of your home, treatment costs can vary WIDELY. Doing a little bit of homework and understanding the different types of treatments, the different types of service providers and the process involved for successfully treating, all can save you big in the long run.

1. The Different Types of Service Providers and How it Impacts Cost.

There are three main types of companies that deal with bed bugs.

The first one (Like us) is a bed bug specialist. This consists of a licensed exterminator that offers all forms of effective bed bug treatments (Heat, Chemical, Organic and K9 Inspections).

The second is a heat treatment company. These companies are NOT required to be licensed to operate.

The third is a general pest control company that handles ALL types of pests, and may offer bed bug treatments.

While we of course recommend going with a licensed expert, the alternatives are available.

Generally, heat treatment companies tend to be very costly and require a ton of extra preparation and may require a lot of items to be thrown away. A heat treatment company may charge $3000-$6000 for a single heat treatment of a home, in addition to costs for replacing items they have you throw away. This is thousands of dollars more than a treatment process that we offer! Read more about why heat treatments alone are not effective.

A general pest control company may be able to effectively get rid of bed bugs, but they may charge for spot treatments, and overall may be ineffective due to lack of experience. Read more about spot treatments here.

2. The Difference in Treatment Processes

You’re making calls for say a regular, 3 bedroom home. One company says $1,000. Another company says $5,000. And then a third company says $500. HUH?

In addition to the considerations above about the TYPE of company, the WAY the company treats matters. As mentioned, heat treatments are typically one and done and can be very costly.

However, if you get a low price for another company, you should also be just as concerned.

Generally a cheap treatment process consists of either A. Spot Treating or B. One single treatment.

In order for bed bug treatment to be effective, it requires multiple visits and knowledge of bed bugs. If you are comparing pricing, make sure it’s an apples to apples comparison for the number of visits and value included, the treatment areas (it should be your entire home) and the types of treatments being completed (types of chemicals / treatments). If you get a quote for $500 per appointment but they have to come back 4 times and you’re now paying $2K, you’ve doubled the cost of treatment.

3. The Size of Your Home and Severity of Infestation

Lastly, the size of your home and how bad the bed bug problem is will always factor into the price you pay. Generally, a larger home will cost more than a 1 bedroom apartment. There are many factors that go into this, but the service provider you speak with should be able to thoroughly explain every aspect to you.

The severity of the infestation and how many bed bugs there are, will also factor in. In severe infestations we may recommend heat treating a single room or steam treating certain furniture, and/or may recommend additional treatment appointments to ensure success.

Every single home, every single situation is different. Check out reviews on the BBB, and ask questions when you are looking around for a service provider! If you’re in Northeast Ohio please give us a call! 216-544-8292