Visual Inspection: Finding Bed Bugs in Your Home or Business

Learning how to check for bed bugs: If you suspect a bed bug problem at your home or business, a visual inspection is usually the first way to confirm and identify that a problem does in fact exist.  A professional visual bed bug inspection can often provide telltale signs if you know what you are looking for, as well as an idea for how long the issue has been going on.

Finding bed bugs is not always easy.  By nature, they are elusive and usually only easy to see in cases of larger infestations, or in their adult life cycle stage.  Nymphs and eggs can be very difficult to identify! Request a free bed bug inspection today by calling 216-544-8292.

Visual inspections rely on these signs of bed bugs:

  • Telltale bed bug bites
  • Signs of excrement or blood stains on sheets and bedding
  • Bed bug skins / shells
  • Live bugs

how to check for bed bugsEven in an early infestation, many of these visual cues can be found by a trained eye.

Where to Inspect: How to Check for Bed Bugs

In homes, per their name, bed bugs are around beds, bedding, furniture and other areas conducive to their feed and retreat pattern of behavior. Bed bugs can also be in vehicles, virtually any public places, in used clothing and household items and other hiding spots.

In businesses, bed bugs will often hide in furniture, carpet, outlets and other areas that provide easy access to a host.

Learning how to check for bed bugs will still typically require professional inspection and treatment.  Call us today for more information and a free visual inspection! 216-544-8292