How to Prevent Bed Bugs

How to prevent bed bugsThe best means of defense is learning the ways to stop a bed bug problem from happening, or to identify it early.  Our bed bug inspection and prevention programs are a great fit for a variety of individuals, businesses and industries.

For individual protection, vigilance is key, particularly if you are in a higher risk occupation or have young children.

For businesses, our custom prevention plans include regularly scheduled inspections, coupled with best practices for how to prevent bed bugs and preventative treatments if applicable.

The most important thing to remember is that a bed bug problem is not a result of poor housekeeping, or any other related factors.  Certain circumstances may be more conducive to a bed bug problem, but overall, an infestation can occur in even the cleanest and most reputable businesses and homes.  The key to protecting yourself is to recognize that bed bugs can happen to you!

Bed Bug Prevention Plans

Our customized bed bug prevention plans are tailored to fit your unique circumstances.  Past history, future potential and a variety of other factors are taken into consideration during our strategizing.

Custom plans for businesses include how to prevent bed bugs will include a recommended schedule for inspections, as well as personalized recommendations and protocol.

Our routine inspections are fast and discreet, using professionally trained bed bug exterminators and/or bed bug sniffing dogs.  We can cover large areas and multiple rooms in a single visit.  Flexible scheduling and the upmost confidentiality are our top priority.  Our customized recommendations will include detailed instructions on potential problem areas and how to reduce your risk of an infestation.

The Benefits of Preventative Measures

For both businesses and residences, the benefit of doing preventative monitoring is immense.  Your business reputation, revenue and overall success can be severely impacted by a bed bug problem.  Preventing bed bugs, or identifying a problem early can be the difference in your livelihood!

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