Non-Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs

The Bed Bug Pros is one of just 3 companies in Ohio licensed and using a product that is a non-chemical biological agent to treat bed bugs. This organic biocide is a unique product that is unlike chemicals, which can create resistance in bed bug populations. The biocide is 100% safe for humans and pets, and is a great option for treating bed bugs in homes and businesses.

About Our Organic Bed Bug Treatment

The process is very similar to treating bed bugs with traditional chemical applications. Preparation and application is done through a special thorough process to ensure maximum efficacy. The organic biocide is applied to furniture, baseboards and other approved surfaces using a special application process.  The difference in using this organic bed bug treatment is the way the treatment functions to kill the bed bugs, and the residual long lasting efficacy. The biocide will provide up to 3 months of coverage, which is great for regular treatments and for quarterly maintenance programs.

Why Call a Bed Bug Exterminator for Organic Treatment

Although this is an organic treatment, because it is being applied by commercial applicators it must still be evaluated for safety and processes by the Ohio EPA, the federal EPA and the Department of Agriculture. The application process is still required to be done by a licensed pest control exterminator.

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This organic product is great for a variety of bed bug treatments and prevention plans

  • Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

The biocide can be used along with traditional chemical applications, as a back up to heat treatment or as a standalone treatment option. This is a great treatment option for individuals that may have a sensitivity to traditional pesticides, health concerns or for a bed bug problem that has established a resistance to treatment.