Bed Bugs in Rental Properties

Property managers and landlords are facing bed bugs at an increasingly more frequent rate. Northeast Ohio has been hit particularly hard by bed bugs, and as a result, multi unit housing and rentals are impacted worse and more often, than ever before.

As a property owner, property management company or landlord - How you handle these situations is critical.

Understanding the issues and having a clear action plan, whether you are lucky and have never had to handle it before, or have had a previous experience, is essential. We are here to help! More and more, landlords and property management / rental owners are working with us to establish a clear plan of action, and to eradicate bed bugs in infested units and buildings, all while protecting their bottom line.

Trusting an experienced specialist is key, and having a solid understanding is paramount.


A Brief Rundown

Turnover, shared space and tenant risk all play a role in bed bug infestations in rentals.

Ohio doesn't have a clear landlord / tenant statute for bed bugs (yet), but there are ways to protect yourself and your tenants!  Ohio’s only bed bug law was passed in 1992, (see ORC 3741.13) but this has nothing to do with tenant / landlord law.

Our Goal for You;

  • Confirming a unit is bed bug free with a K9 inspection, prior to a new tenant moving in
  • Clear bed bug procedure in your lease agreements (Including expedited eviction)
  • Having a bed bug addendum and enforcing / confirming with certified K9 inspection

These are all critical elements. Unfortunately tenants may not disclose a previous issue, or let you know if they become infested whilst living in your house or unit. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



Why This Should be a Priority

Avoid bad reviews / reputation

Avoid spreading bed bugs!

Avoid legal recourse

Ohio Pesticide Apartment Law – More than 4 units under one roof? Self treating can cost you in the long run!


Choosing the Right Bed Bug Exterminator

You wouldn’t call your dentist for blurry vision, and using general pest control for bed bugs makes about as much sense! Bed bugs are a unique pest, and while some think of it as a money maker, you are just forced into forking over more and more cash for treatments. There is a better way.

At the Bed Bug Pros, you are working with a license bed bug exterminator – That is ALL we do, and we are not sending inexperienced techs off the streets, into your buildings!

From visual inspections to certified K9 searches, comprehensive treatment options, prevention and unlimited phone support, partnering with us not only makes sense but it will save you money – Now and in the long run.

Many of our property management customers are referred to us by other property management companies. Further, we are the only full service bed bug company in Northeast Ohio! Get educated, get protected and most importantly, get rid of bed bugs.

Heat Treatments MUST be backed by chemical / organic

and if you’re being told otherwise – check to see if that person is a licensed exterminator.
Chemicals are Necessary with Heat

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