Treating Bed Bugs in Transportation

Despite their name, bed bugs do not stay in one place during an infestation.  Treating bed bugs may be necessary in vehicles, buses, trains, planes and other forms of transportation – These are all at risk of a bed bug infestation.  Whether or not a structural infestation has occurred, the very nature of transportation increases the risk factors and cause for concern.  The moment you suspect a bed bug problem call US!

Most recently, we have seen a rise in Uber Drivers and other ride sharing platforms, requesting help identifying or treating a bed bug issue. If you drive for Uber or frequently use the app to get from point A to point B, it is important to be vigilant!

For businesses in a variety of industries, government agencies, public transportation and other vehicles can be susceptible to a bed bug infestation. Detecting and treating bed bugs in modes of transportation is critical to prevent the problem from spreading.

Detecting a Bed Bug Problem

In any mode of transportation, detecting a problem is arguably more difficult than locating an issue in a home or business.  Our experienced exterminators will complete a visual inspection, or you may opt for a bed bug dog that is able to sniff out the smallest infestation, and any life cycle stage of the bed bug.  This can save time and prevent a bigger infestation from happening down the line.

Bed bug dogs are the most efficient and accurate way to locate a problem, and when it comes to inspecting multiple vehicles – The timesaving factor is incredibly valuable. The earlier a problem is identified, the better!

Treating Bed Bugs

The best means of treating bed bugs in transportation is to use proven chemical and organic treatments.

Call today for your custom inspection and treatment plans. Protect yourself, your business and your reputation with The Bed Bug Pros!

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