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Licensed & insured bed bug extermination services. A+ Rated on the BBB! Get a free inspection today.


Bed bug heat treatments are discreet and backed up by our unique process of chemical and organic applications.


Certified bed bug dog inspection services. Identify an issue or confirm treatment success. 

What Makes Us Different?

The Bed Bug Pros is not your average pest control company, and bed bugs are not your average pest! Trust a bed bug exterminator that specializes in the effective and affordable treatment processes that WORK! We are a full service bed bug company, locally owned and operated in Northeast Ohio. In addition to specializing in the treatment of bed bugs, we are able to guide you through the process step by step to ensure you are prepared, educated and supported throughout the entire process. Call or text us anytime!

A+ Rated on Cleveland BBB - Check out our BBB Reviews!

We are proud of our reviews, and grateful for our customers! This is a difficult process, and it takes team work. Check out some feedback on the BBB!

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Hiring an A+ Rated Bed Bug Exterminator

The Bed Bug Pros is a family owned and operated pest control business in Northeast Ohio. We specialize in bed bugs specifically, and offer full-service bed bug extermination. Our treatment processes include traditional chemical, organic treatment, discreet heat treatment and bed bug dog detection.

Our approach is affordable and effective, and our promise to educate our customers using facts instead of fear, have gained us the reputation as a trusted service provider in Ohio. Finding, treating and preventing these pests in your home or business is our number one priority.

Call for same day service (first come, first serve basis), including our free visual inspections and free quote – Get an exact appointment time and talk with an experienced licensed technician. NO inexperienced service techs, no call center, no runaround and no lengthy appointment windows.


Bed Bug Extermination


An experienced, licensed bed bug exterminator provides a comprehensive treatment plan, from start to finish. We are appropriately licensed and insured, OH License #105716. Based on your unique situation, we will complete an inspection and recommend a course of treatment that fits your needs and your budget. 

The Bed Bug Pros is the only full service, bed bug specific company in Northeast Ohio. We are able to keep costs low and offer effective options because we specialize in bed bugs only, and we are not passing the costs of other unrelated pest services or high overhead onto our customers.

We offer a truly comprehensive process, starting with a customized treatment plan and basic maintenance tasks to complete throughout your treatment process. Once your treatment process is completed, we verify success by using our certified bed bug K9 to inspect your home. Once we verify your home is 100% bed bug free, we offer a 60 day guarantee for peace of mind.


Organic Bed Bug Treatments

Ask about our completely organic bed bug treatment option! Using an incredible biological product, we are able to treat bed bugs in a way that prevents an infestation from worsening, all while being 100% organic. The organic treatment can be used alone or in conjunction with heat and chemical treatments for maximum efficacy. This unique organic treatment process is ideal for homes and businesses, and offers a different approach compared to traditional chemical extermination alone.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is recognized as an effective means of getting rid of bed bugs in severe infestations.  Chemical treatment plans, heat treatment and K9 follow up detection are an efficient and thorough way to treat a severe bed bug infestation. 


Our discreet heat treatment services allow us to treat single severe rooms or an entire home. Every heat treatment is then backed up by our chemical and organic treatment process, as well as a certified bed bug K9 inspection to verify success.


Bed Bug K9 Inspection Services

Using a trained and certified detection dog, we are able to pinpoint a bed bug problem of any size. Inspections are completed quickly and discreetly, with the best accuracy in the industry. 

A K9 inspection can be used initially to verify whether or not an issue exists, as well as verifying that a treatment process was successful. Our certified bed bug dog is able to find ONE single living bed bug!


Bed Bug Junk Removal

Junk removal in a home that is infested with bed bugs can be complicated. Friends and family may be reluctant to help for fear of getting bed bugs. Traditional cleaning companies or junk removal companies often will not be willing to take the job on. If you or a loved one are in need of assistance removing heavily infested furniture or household items from the home, we can help!