Frequently Asked Questions




What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Adult bed bugs look a lot like apple seeds. Click here to see all stages of the bed bug life cycle.


What do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites can present differently on different people. About 30% of people between the ages of 10 and 60 do not show bed bug bites at all.  For those that do show bites, the saying is “breakfast, lunch and dinner” because patterns of 3 bites are common. They can also resemble a mosquito bite and in severe reactions it can result in hives and even a secondary infection. Bites can last for hours or as long as days and even weeks.


Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are usually initially found in your bed, couch and other soft furniture. In commercial settings they can be found on furniture and baseboards.

More severe infestations can lead to bed bugs on walls, baseboards, curtains and more, most commonly within 5-10 feet of the host human.


What is Bed Bug Evidence?

Bed bug evidence can be bugs themselves, their skins, droppings and blood stains.


What do Bed Bugs eat? 

Bed bugs survive by biting humans for a blood meal.


How long does it take for a bed bug to feed? 

A bed bug can feed on your blood for 5-20 minutes at a time.


How long can a bed bug survive without feeding?

New studies show bed bugs can survive anywhere from 4-6 months without eating a blood meal.


What are the health dangers of bed bugs?

In infants and small children or ill or elderly patients, anemia due to blood loss can occur. Sleeping patterns can also be disturbed leading to severe cases of insomnia.


What Pests Are Commonly Mistaken for Bed Bugs?

There are various types of pests that are often mistaken for bed bugs. Carpet beetles are the most commonly mistaken. We recommend catching a bug with clear tape and text us a picture for ID! 216-544-8292


Do Bed Bugs spread disease?

While there have been no documented public cases of bed bugs spreading disease, there are recent OSU lab studies that show bed bugs can in fact carry certain disease.





How to Treat Bed Bugs?

Treating bed bugs requires a professional. DIY products do not work, and will spread bed bugs around and make them resistant. Using proper professional treatment methods tailored for your unique situation is ideal.


Where did I get Bed Bugs?

Bed bug exposure can be from many places. 1 in 5 people is estimated to have had or come into contact with someone that has bed bugs. Work, kids, friends, family, public places, hospitals and businesses can all be a risk of exposure. The common myth of hotels only actually account for 5-10% of exposure.


Do I have to prepare for bed bug treatment?

Yes, there are tasks to prepare your house for bed bug treatment.


Do you have to have a license to treat bed bugs?

Yes and no. This answer can be confusing in some instances, but you should hire a licensed, experienced exterminator. 

Companies that do heat treatments only are not required to have a license because they are not exterminators.  Keep in mind that heat treatment only methods can be ineffective if used alone, and require no training, education or certifications. 

If you are being hired for bed bug extermination, you must have a license to apply pesticide and organic products.  For example, we have an individual applicator license, as well as a business license, and all appropriate insurance. 

Here are some exceptions; 

1. Companies can have unlicensed applicators working under their company “umbrella” license. This is where you get inexperienced service technicians that know nothing about bed bugs or pest control. They simply got hired because of a good driving record, and minimal training requirements and they are within a certain radius of the main license distance.

2. Some multi unit housing (nursing homes, apartments) can self treat with an onsite maintenance person, but there IS a stipulation of no more than 4 units under one roof per Ohio law.


How Long Does Bed Bug Treatment Take?

Bed bug treatment takes time, especially in more severe cases. There is no such thing as “1 day bed bug free”.  We use a special process that works!

How fast does a bed bug problem grow?

An adult female can lay up to 5 eggs a day. An adult male can impregnate several females in a day.


How Much Does Bed Bug Treatment Cost?

Bed bug treatment cost is based on the size of your home or business and the type of treatment required, and the severity of the issue. Learn more here. 


Why can’t I treat on my own?

DIY treatments can be very dangerous. Diatamaceous earth is very dangerous, and over the counter sprays and bombs are repellent based and can push bugs around and make the situation worse.


How do I Prevent Bed Bugs?

Prevention comes down to following some basic protocol tips. If you are going somewhere that is high risk or may have bed bugs, limit what you take and try to only take or wear items that can be thrown in the dryer when you return and immediately change into clean clothes. Limit contact with anyone that has bed bugs until their house is cleared.


Who is responsible for treating bedbugs if I rent?

Payment responsibility will depend if your unit or rental home was inspected for bed bugs before you moved in and if you have a bed bug clause in your lease. Talk to your landlord or property management company before leasing to have a solid understanding!


Can I get Bed Bugs from Outside / Lawn?

Typically bed bugs will not survive outside. They have no defense against natural predators like spiders and centipedes, and require a specific temperature range.



Can my Dog get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs prefer to avoid hair, so an animal is an unlikely host. Recent studies do show more occurrences, but overall this is not common.



The Bed Bug Pros are not your average pest control company, and bed bugs are not your average pest! Trust a bed bug exterminator that specializes in the effective and affordable treatment processes that WORK! We are a full service company, locally owned and operated in Northeast Ohio.


We walk through your home or business and identify signs of bed bugs, and provide you with a free estimate.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A follow up inspection by a certified bed bug dog, to confirm treatment effectiveness.

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I was horrified at the prospect of bed bugs. These guys came out and confirmed my fear. Instead of me having a mental break down, the guy was patient, answering all questions and concerns. By time he left I felt comfortable and confident that we had this under control. Sure enough we are bug free!

They are the Real Deal

This was one of the more stressful experiences I’ve had. You need someone who is committed to seeing you through the process and sonny is definitely committed. On time for every appointment and very responsive to all my many questions. I would not wish bed bugs on my worst enemy. 

Call the Pros!

Working with the bed bug pros has made a bad problem into a great experience. I have worked with Sonny in both a business and a residential setting and in both he was informative, supportive and successful. If you need a bed bug exterminator call The Bed Bug Pros! 

You will not regret your decision.

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They treated us so awesome, no judgement took care of the problem while keeping us calm. after two treatments the problem was gone we are so relieved and have learned soo much through him. Super knowledgeable and honest about your problem. 

Would recommend to anyone!

Bed Bug Pros is expert and professional in the treatment of bedbugs. More importantly, Sonny was kind, understanding, and patient throughout this challenging experience. He answered all questions and concerns with very prompt and helpful responses and never made us feel rushed in our conversations.

He is the best of the best!