Bed Bug Treatments for Group Homes and Rehab Facilities

Treatment and prevention in adult group homes and drug rehab facilities.

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Bed Bug Services Group Homes

Adult group homes of any kind are at risk of bed bug exposure. From adult day programs and activities to shared living spaces and other risk factors – Having a plan in place for treatment and ultimately prevention, is critical.


Shared living environments require continuous monitoring and prevention techniques. Our affordable, effective treatment methods are ideal for sober houses, group homes and drug rehab facilities. We combine these effective treatments with educational information, preventative protocol and risk assessment to best serve each unique situation.  


We are involved in the drug rehab community and run a home. Due to the high turnover, we got bed bugs twice. The first company failed and didn’t take our situation seriously. Sonny truly seemed to care and got the job done, working in super sensitive circumstances. 

They treated two of our houses, a staff house and the other a group home. After identifying the risk from a daily workshop, Sonny came up with the proper protocol to protect the houses from reinfestation, keep us from bringing them to our homes, and protect the families that visit. 

Sonny at the Bed Bug Pros is outstanding. He is very professional and knowledgable. My brother is mentally disabled and living in an apartment, which became severely infested with bed bugs. Sonny was kind and patient with my brother and worked compassionately.



We walk through your business and provide a detailed treatment recommendation.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A certified bed bug dog will inspect to confirm an issue or confirm treatment success.


Informative, interactive trainings for businesses and professional organizations.

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My brother is in a group home in Ashtabula area. We found bed bugs in his place, and after much investigation we were able to identify the adult day workshop as the exposure. Now we do maintenance and have been bed bug free for over a year.  Between the workshop and aids in and out, we needed a plan and we got one!

Bed Bug Pros is expert and professional in the treatment of bedbugs. More importantly, Sonny was kind, understanding, and patient throughout this challenging experience. He answered all questions and concerns with very prompt and helpful responses and never made us feel rushed in our conversations.