Preventative Maintenance for Bed Bugs

Combining preventative treatments with protocol and education can limit risk and provide peace of mind

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Bed Bug Prevention and Protocol for Businesses

Businesses large and small are becoming increasingly more aware of the risk of a bed bug problem. Prevention and education is essential to protecting your business, customers and employees! Customized plans, which are tailored to your unique industry and risk factors, will arm you with the information needed to effectively address a potential issue.

Businesses are realizing the gravity and reality of a bed bug problem means protocol, policies and procedures all need to catch up. If OSHA shows up for an unannounced inspection, awareness and prevention documentation is KEY! 

Our goal is to provide our clients with effective preventative maintenance and inspection plans, as well as educate employees and provide customized protocol to limit risk of occurrence and identify threats quickly.  

Dual Benefits to Having Prevention and Maintenance in Place

Having educational and informative sessions is essential in our area. There is a plethora of misinformation and stigma out there, and understanding the facts and risk factors is half the battle. Not only do the preventative treatments and inspections work, but the educational aspect is a critical piece of the puzzle. 

In addition to protecting your business with routine maintenance, there is documentation and strategy in place in the event of a complaint or recourse from an employee or customer. It can be invaluable in proving that your business is proactively doing everything possible!




We walk through your business and provide a detailed treatment recommendation.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A certified bed bug dog will inspect to confirm an issue or confirm treatment success.


Informative, interactive trainings for businesses and professional organizations.

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Thankfully, we had a maintenance plan in place when we got an OSHA complaint filed by an employee. We had all the documentation needed to prove we were doing everything possible.

After a few encounters, preventative maintenance just made sense. Not only are we protected by the program, but we have everything documented if a complaint arises.  

It’s like insurance for any business