Bed Bug Solutions for Offices and Call Centers

Bed bugs are becoming a reality for businesses of any size, in any industry.

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Commercial Bed Bug Treatment and Prevention in any Office

While some industries are at a higher risk than others, the fact is that any business can be exposed to a bed bug issue. Understand your risk factors, and know where to turn. Northeast Ohio tops the lists of bed bug epicenters year after year, and realizing YOU could be next may be the thing that protects your business the most.  It is estimated that 1 in 5 people has or had bed bugs, or been exposed to an acquaintance with bed bugs.


Common Bed Bug Risk Factors for Businesses

Do you have employees? Do you have clients? Then yes, you are at risk for bed bugs. The harsh reality is that our area has a bed bug problem, and if a single employee exposes your office and your staff, you could be facing a serious crisis. 

Customers being an exposure risk can also come into play, depending on the type of business practices. 

Business is booming and your staff is growing?  Bed bug exposure can be a bit of a numbers game, but given the densely populated problem, the more people you have on staff, the higher your risk factor is. 

We also see an increased exposure risk for those that have a high rate of temporary staff / agency supplied staff, as well as work from home staff. 

Customer Service is your Motto? 

Your customers and very business model can be putting you at an increased risk. If customers frequently come to your office, or if you store or transport customer belongings or bring equipment in and out of homes – you are at risk! In house visits and consultations can also increase exposure risk. 

Space matters? The set up of your office, including call center floors, common areas, cubicle areas, manufacturing and production floors can all be at an increased risk of bed bugs.


Commercial Bed Bug Treatment and Prevention

Whether you are facing a crisis or need to get preventative measures in place, give us a call! Custom tailored canine inspection and treatment plans that are affordable and effective, coupled with educational information and protocol, will be the key to success. We can assess your risk factors, determine appropriate treatment solutions and decide if preventative measures and maintenance treatments need to be put into place. 


We had rumors flying of bugs getting found in the cubicle areas, but no one could produce an actual bug. We did a dog inspection and cleared the entire building, warehouse and all. 

Thankfully, we had a maintenance plan in place when we got an OSHA complaint filed by an employee. We had all the documentation needed to prove we were doing everything possible.

Unfortunately this is a real threat in our area, and our offices found out the hard way that a single employee bringing them in puts everyone at risk. Thanks to the education and info we were able to get everyone calmed down, treated and cleared the building.



We walk through your business and provide a detailed treatment recommendation.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A certified bed bug dog will inspect to confirm an issue or confirm treatment success.


Informative, interactive trainings for businesses and professional organizations.

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We have about 50,000 sq feet of cubicle space and during seasonal spikes, we hire temp workers. We ended up bringing the dog in a few times, finding bugs in several different areas. We were able to pinpoint the employees, help them get it under control and now we have maintenance in place.

WOW talk about amazing. Levy the dog is a celebrity here.