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Bed Bug Junk Removal Services

Removal of household goods and furniture can get complicated when bed bugs are involved. Traditional junk removal or cleaning companies are not typically willing to get involved until the home is bed bug free. Unfortunately, you cannot treat for bed bugs if the home is not prepared or there is a significant amount of “stuff” or heavily infested furniture. That’s where we come in!

  • Preparation of items (heavy vacuuming or steam treatment)
  • Wrapping or bagging of items for removal
  • Loading and transport
  • Proper disposal

Types of Bed Bug Junk Removal

 We assist customers with many types of bed bug junk removal. Some customers are looking for a complete clean out, where others are just looking to reduce the items in the home to prepare for the treatment process. We can guide you through the process and come up with a plan that works!

It’s important to note that NOT ALL HOMES require furniture to be discarded or disposed of. In many situations, treatment can be done succesfully and effectively, without removing furniture. It’s important to speak with an experienced bed bug expert that can advise you on the best path forward.


We offer a few common types of bed bug junk removal.


Full clean outs – This is typically a scenario where an individual or a land lord for example is discarding all items in the home. This is usually a larger scale project. All furniture and items get removed, carpet can be removed and essentially you have a blank slate to treat the bed bug infestation.

Partial clean outs – This is typically a situation where we prepare and remove heavily infested items or pieces of furniture. Couches, chairs, beds and other items are prepared and then wrapped and removed from the home and properly disposed of. 


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From my first time speaking with him and explaining my situation to the final day he inspected the house with the dog, he made me feel at ease. 

Thanks to Sonny and his dog!

Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that has an issue with Bed Bugs. Also Levy is an awesome dog. She is amazing. 

I'd give 10 stars if it were possible.

Always on time never missed an appointment also always answered any questions i had, I would recommend him to anyone.

I can't thank them enough!!

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They not only removed the infestation, but also helped us to understand the problem, answering questions, and allaying our fears. They’re great! I hope I never have to see them again.

They’re great!

Bed Bug Pros is expert and professional in the treatment of bedbugs. More importantly, Sonny was kind, understanding, and patient throughout this challenging experience. He answered all questions and concerns with very prompt and helpful responses and never made us feel rushed in our conversations.

He is the best of the best!

Bed Bed Furniture Removal

Removing furniture and household items that are infested with bed bugs can be complex and overwhelming. Many companies will not work in a home that has bed bugs. Friends and family can be reluctant to help as well. It’s also important to properly prepare and remove the items, to avoid spreading the bed bug problem and worsening the situation. Most importantly, it’s important to have your home properly prepared for the treatment process.


If you or a loved are dealing with a bed bug infestation and need help getting rid of heavily infested items, give us a call today to talk through the process.



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The Bed Bug Pros are not your average pest control company, and bed bugs are not your average pest! Trust a bed bug exterminator that specializes in the effective and affordable treatment processes that WORK! We are a full service company, locally owned and operated in Northeast Ohio.


We walk through your home or business and identify signs of bed bugs, and provide you with a free estimate.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A follow up inspection by a certified bed bug dog, to confirm treatment effectiveness.