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Public service and local municipalities are at an increased risk. Learn more!

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Bed Bug Treatment and Prevention in City and Public Services

With our area being hit particularly hard, it’s no surprise that city services and public buildings are at an increased risk of bed bugs.

Emergency responders, city buildings, court rooms and other public spaces are all seeing an increase in the occurrence and exposure. Our comprehensive services include certified canine detection, customized treatment plans and preventative maintenance and education programs.


Examples of risk and exposures;

  • Common sleeping areas for emergency response personnel
  • Courtrooms 
  • Public offices
  • Treatment of ambulance units and office vehicles
  • Libraries (books and guests) and public use buildings
  • Public transportation

Each of these unique situations require a custom approach that is effective and affordable. Knowing what to do in the event of an exposure, along with proper information and protocol will limit panic and reduce the risk of spreading bed bugs beyond the situation at hand. 


We shared a home during a seasonal project, policing a local destination. Turns out we shared some bed bugs there too, and when I realized I had a problem back at home, Sonny got it under control. 

Treating the sleeping quarters at the firehouse has to happen from time to time. Being able to use the dog to confirm whether or not we have a problem has saved some serious headaches and expense. 

We come across situations where we just can’t avoid the exposure. Knowing what to do and being able to take care of it immediately is critical. From heat treating the rigs to running the dog, it’s part of the reality these days.



We walk through your business and provide a detailed treatment recommendation.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A certified bed bug dog will inspect to confirm an issue or confirm treatment success.


Informative, interactive trainings for businesses and professional organizations.

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I’d never consider my job “high risk” but turns out the library is quite the hot spot. We know what to look for and what to do, and when we’ve need it the treatment works.

We called and had the dog come out to search after hiring a different company to treat and still finding bugs in the courtoom and the conference room. We got the information needed and definitely know who to call now!