Bed Bug Treatment and Prevention for Healthcare Industry

From doctor’s offices to home health care, the medical industry faces an increased risk of bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Services for the Healthcare Industry


The medical industry and healthcare service providers face an increasingly severe risk of exposure to bed bugs. The nature of the business combined with the significant occurrence our area has, equates to an almost certain exposure. The question is, when?

The reality is that physician offices, outpatient treatment centers and home health care staff are ALL at serious and significant risk of bed bugs. 


Effectively treating when an issue arises is critical. Understanding and executing preventative protocol is key, and preventative measures are bordering a requirement here in Northeast Ohio.

The medical field is unique and open to exposure at every turn. Patients coming in for appointments and treatment, accompanying home healthcare professionals and nursing staff, family and care providers and ultimately on site staff are all at risk of getting and spreading a bed bug problem.


An Ounce of (Bed Bug) Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure


Avoiding bed bug exposure is virtually impossible in the healthcare field. You can’t refuse services to a patient because bed bugs are crawling across their collar. The first step to a successful protection and prevention strategy is providing staff with the information and facts! Knowing what to do when exposure occurs, how to handle it and who to notify, along with the proper protocol, will keep employees, patients and your reputation safe. Coupling that with custom treatment plans specifically designed for the risk factors the medical industry faces, and you are on the right path.

As time goes on it seems we are hearing worse and more misinformation than ever before. Stop the cycle and get a plan in place!


Our facility deals with high risk patients, who tend to be dealing with this problem frequently. We were finding bed bugs on patients and all over our common areas, exposing our physicians and causing complete panic. Sonny and Levy were able to pinpoint risk areas and come up with a maintenance program and protocol. So far so good!

We are exposed at every turn. We have a safe room as part of our protocol when the clients come in coated in bed bugs. In one instance we hand picked over 40 bugs from one patient. We are treated and educating our employees and while we can’t keep them from being brought in, we finally got a handle on the situation. 

I knew I had high risk at work, but when I got them at home I was devastated. When you see a bed bug crawling across your child’s bed, it gets serious, fast. I worked with Sonny to get our home cleared, and get into my work to get a handle on the situation and get preventative maintenace in place. 



We walk through your business and provide a detailed treatment recommendation.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A certified bed bug dog will inspect to confirm an issue or confirm treatment success.


Informative, interactive trainings for businesses and professional organizations.

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Through protocol and safe practices we can now go to work, see patients and come home with peace of mind. The maintenance program ensures we are not exposing our homes. 

Being in home healthcare, our company has been addressing the risk and exposure for awhile now. Sonny came into the picture and provided a wealth of knowledge, giving us all the information needed to protect ourselves and protect our clients.