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We are a full service bed bug exterminator. Our goal is to provide a quality comprehensive service, at a great price!

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Finding a bed bug exterminator can be incredibly overwhelming! Finding an AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE solution fast can be a daunting task, and there is a lot of misinformation and high pressure or misleading sales tactics out there.  Bed bugs are unlike any other pest, and a successful treatment process is very specific. Treatment success is dependent on an experienced service provider and effective treatment methods, as well as accurate information and education throughout the entire process.


We are a full service bed bug exterminator. Our goal is to provide a quality comprehensive service, at a great price. We use facts, not fear! We work to educate you and provide a wealth of information to ensure treatment success, as well as identify risk factors and limit exposure in the future. 




Do they specialize in bed bugs?

Bed bugs are unlike any other pest.  Hiring general pest control companies can mean inexperience, which means ineffective treatment. It can also mean you are paying for expensive overhead that is costly and unnecessary! Look for a company that specializes in bed bugs.


Are they a full service bed bug company?

In most cases, traditional chemical extermination is safe, sufficient and effective, and very affordable. Some companies will pressure you into heat only methods because that is all they offer. That is their only treatment method, and they have to cover expensive overhead and high liability. Heat also needs to be coupled with chemical or organic treatments to be 100% effective.

As a full service provider, we can tailor the approach to your unique situation. We offer traditional treatments, heat and organic.

Are they charging for inspection or quote?

Some companies will charge a fee to inspect and/or a fee to provide a quote. Some may apply this fee to your bill – if you don’t move forward, it’s money down the drain!

What do they treat?

Spot treating is ineffective, period. Unethical sales tactics can mislead customers to spot treat specific rooms and even specific pieces of furniture, often with a high price tag and zero effectiveness. With bed bugs, this simply will not work. A successful bed bug treatment will treat your entire home and provide protocol to follow throughout the treatment process.


Misleading warranties?

Be wary of promises and guarantees.   Bed bugs can survive heat treatments, so “bed bug free in one day” guarantees are false and misleading. Bed bugs survive heat treatments, so all heat treatments should be backed by chemical treatment! Other tactics can include offering a warranty that starts the day of service and expires before your treatment could be deemed effective or not. In some situations, companies just simply won’t come back out or won’t answer the calls. Have a clear understanding of what your contract includes or excludes.


Who is treating?

The “what” and “how” is just as important as the “who”. Inexperienced techs simply have to have a good driving record to get the job, and no other experience necessary. Hire a company that sends a state licensed technician every time. If someone is individually licensed, they have completed Department of Agriculture training and passed the licensing exam. 


Check out online reviews

Bed bugs are a tricky topic in the review world. It can be difficult to get customer reviews because there is a stigma, which can lead to companies giving themselves fake reviews across the web. Use the Better Business Bureau, look at real reviews and see if there are any complaints.  The BBB review platform verifies the person and the service, making it the best option for checking out a bed bug company’s online reputation. 


What is their treatment process?

This is a process, and if someone cannot tell you every single detail about the process you are hiring for, then consider looking elsewhere. If there is no process mentioned at all, run away!

You should be walking through the entire treatment process, including preparation, treatment specifics, etc. If you are not feeling overwhelmed by all of the information you are getting, move on to a service provider that can explain every single aspect of the treatment and why it works.


How do I know treatment worked?

If you cannot confirm the treatment was successful, what is the point!? A treatment should be confirmed successful when a certified bed bug dog inspects and clears the house. 


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He treated us so awesome, no judgement took care of the problem while keeping us calm after two treatments the problem was gone we are so relieved and have learned soo much through him. Super knowledgeable and honest about your problem.

Would recommend to anyone!

They not only removed the infestation, but also helped us to understand the problem, answering questions, and allaying our fears. They’re great! I hope I never have to see them again.

I hope I never have to see them again.

Always on time never missed an appointment also always answered any questions i had, I would recommend him to anyone in need for this type of problem. Now my family and i can live with peace of mind again!!

I can't thank them enough!!


The Bed Bug Pros are not your average pest control company, and bed bugs are not your average pest! Trust a bed bug exterminator that specializes in the effective and affordable treatment processes that WORK! We are a full service company, locally owned and operated in Northeast Ohio.


We walk through your home or business and identify signs of bed bugs, and provide you with a free estimate.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A follow up inspection by a certified bed bug dog, to confirm treatment effectiveness.

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They not only removed the infestation, but also helped us to understand the problem, answering questions, and allaying our fears. They’re great! I hope I never have to see them again.

They’re great!

Bed Bug Pros is expert and professional in the treatment of bedbugs. More importantly, Sonny was kind, understanding, and patient throughout this challenging experience. He answered all questions and concerns with very prompt and helpful responses and never made us feel rushed in our conversations.

He is the best of the best!