Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatment for bed bugs can be an effective, affordable process. Learn more today!

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Incorporating heat treatment into your bed bug treatment plan may make sense depending on your unique situation. We are a full service bed bug company, so we offer affordable heat treatment in addition to traditional treatment processes, organic treatments and canine detection services. Our goal is to select the treatment method that works best, and for the best price!

Starting with a free inspection and quote, we will guide you through the process and determine a treatment plan that is sufficient, effective and affordable.  

Using heat as a means to treat and get rid of a bed bug problem is recommended in severe infestations, or significantly infested hot spot areas. Heat treatments must be combined with chemical or organic applications to ensure 100% efficacy.  While heat does kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle, bugs can survive the heat process hiding in areas known as “micro climates”.  Micro climates are small areas that never reach a thermal temperature high enough to kill a bed bug. Thus any bugs that make it to a safe micro climate, survive the treatment and re-infest your house all over again. These micro climates are recognized industry wide as the reason why heat treatments are not 100% successful on their own. 

Using a dual approach of heat and chemical is a one-two punch that ensures that anything that may survive the heat treatment is eradicated by the chemical or organic treatment application. 

Our heat treatment process can be used to treat your entire house or specific rooms, like the master bedroom, for example. Our heaters are discreet and everything is set up inside your house. Many heat treatment companies used propane based heaters, which require set up outside, for all the world (neighbors) to see.

How Do Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work?

Our trained professionals will provide the appropriate preparation directions, or can be scheduled to complete the tasks on your behalf.  After all the preparation work is done, our team will begin the set up process and then start to heat the area.  

Trained by the best in the industry, we use only the safest and most efficient equipment on the market.  Our heaters are approved for the specified use, designed to heat structures for this exact purpose.  Our heating equipment is VERY discreet, and does not require any exterior set up or tenting (as seen in fuel based equipment).

Our 24 hour process is monitored using special sensors, ensuring all areas are brought up to temperature and maintained there. 

Heat treatments can be an effective part of a successful bed bug treatment plan. Give us a call today to discuss your options and schedule a free inspection!

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I was horrified at the prospect of bed bugs. These guys came out and confirmed my fear. Instead of me having a mental break down, the guy was patient, answering all questions and concerns. By time he left I felt comfortable and confident that we had this under control. Sure enough we are bug free!

They are the Real Deal

This was one of the more stressful experiences I’ve had. You need someone who is committed to seeing you through the process and sonny is definitely committed. On time for every appointment and very responsive to all my many questions. I would not wish bed bugs on my worst enemy. 

Call the Pros!

Working with the bed bug pros has made a bad problem into a great experience. I have worked with Sonny in both a business and a residential setting and in both he was informative, supportive and successful. If you need a bed bug exterminator call The Bed Bug Pros! 

You will not regret your decision.


The Bed Bug Pros are not your average pest control company, and bed bugs are not your average pest! Trust a bed bug exterminator that specializes in the effective and affordable treatment processes that WORK! We are a full service company, locally owned and operated in Northeast Ohio.


We walk through your home or business and identify signs of bed bugs, and provide you with a free estimate.


A plan that fits your needs and budget! Effective, affordable bed bug services.


A follow up inspection by a certified bed bug dog, to confirm treatment effectiveness.

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They not only removed the infestation, but also helped us to understand the problem, answering questions, and allaying our fears. They’re great! I hope I never have to see them again.

They’re great!

Bed Bug Pros is expert and professional in the treatment of bedbugs. More importantly, Sonny was kind, understanding, and patient throughout this challenging experience. He answered all questions and concerns with very prompt and helpful responses and never made us feel rushed in our conversations.

He is the best of the best!