Why You Should Hire a Bed Bug Expert

When you hire The Bed Bug Pros, you are working with a licensed pest control bed bug expert.

All we do is bed bugs!


Why waste money on inexperienced service techs?

The big brands certainly have their place in the pest control industry. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a different kind of beast, versus ants, bees, etc. Sending an inexperienced service tech to your house simply doesn’t work!
Time and again we hear the same feedback from our customers

“Their” inspection didn’t find these obvious signs

“They” only spot treat – Learn more about “tricks of the trade”

“Their” company representative is a different one each time

“Their” guy (or gal) just didn’t seem to know what they are doing

Hire a licensed exterminator that completes the entire treatment process – Get the job done right, get rid of bed bugs and don’t pull teeth to get there.


Hiring practices and how the “umbrella” works for licensing

In the pest control industry, a license holder can employ people within their “umbrella” where they work under the main license. This means that you can hire anyone off the streets, give them a spray can and they can operate and work under the business pest control license. This is how the big brands function. Ads can be found across the web that say “must be 21, must have a drivers license” that’s it! No experience needed, no license, nothing. Scary!

This is not how we operate!

When you hire The Bed Bug Pros, your inspection and treatment process is completed by a licensed pest control exterminator that attends re-education courses, has passed the state extermination test, and is a specialist!

Big brands have big overhead

We are often asked how we can charge the prices we charge, when the “big brands” charge twice as much (or more) for less treatment and less work. The answer is simple, big brands have big overhead. All we do is bed bugs, we are locally owned and operated, and have the ability to pass these savings directly onto our customers. No Super Bowl commercials, no fancy warehouse, no fleet of trucks – Just honest, effective bed bug treatments!

Trust your bed bug problem to an expert – Call us! Licensed, insured and passionate about helping our customers get rid of bed bugs for good. We offer all types of bed bug treatments – Chemical, organic, heat and K9 inspection services.