The Hoopla Over Encasements

Bed bug mattress encasements are widely thought to prevent and/or get rid of bed bug problems.  Unfortunately, mattress encasements are only partially effective, and should not be considered a fail-safe..

Bed bug mattress encasementsWhat Are Bed Bug Mattress Encasements?

A mattress encasement can be thought of as a giant cover or pillow case for your mattress.  It is sealed, usually with a zipper. Encasements are commonly used in places where beds are shared by guests, such as hotels, medical facilities, etc. They are typically inpenetrable, made of special materials that allow the mattress to breathe but do not allow bugs, dust mites or dander in or out.

Why Aren’t They 100% Effective?

The reason a bed bug encasement for your mattress is not 100% effective is simple. Bed bugs do not JUST live on your mattress! Bed bugs can actually live all around your home or bedroom. Their name is a bit misleading.  Encasements can effective for keeping your mattress clean –  and can prevent an issue, prior to an infestation. They are also said to help reduce allergens and dust mites.

What Are Some Examples of Problems?

Scenario A: If you have bed bugs and then put on an encasement.

  • While you may be trapping the live bed bugs in, any living bed bugs around your home can still gain access to you and your bedding. Bed bugs can live in night stands, dressers, clothing piles, carpet, bedding and books – Among other areas of your home.

Scenario B: You do not have bed bugs and used an encasement

  • If your encasement has become damaged over time it will not be effective.  Similarly to above, your encasement will only keep live bed bugs off your mattress – Not off your bedding, other furniture and other areas within your home.

Scenario C: You travel often, or have another high risk area of your life – Home nursing, ER work, emergency responders, etc.

  • An encasement can be a good way to limit a problem early on. You still must be vigilant and seek help the minute you suspect something.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, call us!  We provide 100% TRULY FREE bed bug inspections. No money down, no surprises.  Our experts will come to your home, visually inspect and help you confirm whether or not you have an issue.

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