Unfortunately, new furniture can have bed bugs. It’s not common, but it can happen. We’ve seen it a handful of times. We’ll explain how it happens, and how to protect yourself.

How Does New Furniture have Bed Bugs?

The short answer is delivery. Even if you purchase a new piece of furniture from a reputable business, you can be exposed to bed bugs. As a courtesy, many furniture companies offer to remove OLD furniture when delivering NEW furniture. That means an old piece of furniture can be in a truck with your new items. If that old furniture has bed bugs, your furniture has now been exposed.

Some businesses have gotten hip and stopped offering removal services. Some businesses provide bed bug training and teach employees what to look out for, to limit risk. And beyond that, we have clients that proactively treat their trucks as a preventative measure.

The wild card is companies can utilize a delivery service versus delivering on their own. This lack of control and protocol can spell big trouble. While a delivery service / third party may reduce costs, it ultimately increases risk.

How to Protect Yourself

If you are furniture shopping and using delivery, ask questions! Ask the furniture retailer about their policies and procedures. Ask them if they offer removal services. If they do, you may want to consider arranging your own delivery plans.

The day of your delivery, greet your drivers in the driveway! Ultimately, they are just following company policies. However, you can take a peak in the back of the truck and see if you see old furniture. If you do see old furniture being transported with your new items, have them remove any plastic coverings BEFORE bringing the items into the house.

What to do if you Suspect Your Were Exposed

IF you suspect a bed bug issue once your new furniture has been in your home, schedule a K9 inspection. This is the fastest and most efficient way to find a single living bug. Keep your eyes peeled, keep clutter to a minimum and be vigilant! Catching an issue early is key.