Bed Bug resistance to treatment can happen for a few common reasons. Some severe infestations can be more difficult to eradicate than a less severe issue, but with some tried and true treatment methods, the job can be done!

Treatment Resistance due to DIY products

In some situations, DIY products can seem to work at first, but ultimately make the problem worse. Whether or not pests actually get stronger from the DIY treatment methods like store bought sprays, foggers, bombs and dusts, the bugs definitely spread around as these products are all predominantly repellant based. Thus your issue seems to be improving at first, but then there is a resurgence and the bugs can be pushed to other rooms throughout the house. Store bought products have to have very little effectiveness to claim on their labels and marketing materials, so the professional chemicals are definitely the best option!

Bed Bug Resistance to Chemicals

Bed bugs can become resistant to the professional chemicals used to treat them. While in most cases the issue can be taken care of pretty swiftly, there are some cases where the bugs are resistant and seem to be getting along just fine despite treatment efforts by a licensed exterminator.

In some cases, there can be other factors coming into play, but a thorough and proven treatment process is critical to successfully getting rid of bed bugs. It’s just not as simple as “spraying and praying” like many companies unfortunately practice. A multi-step treatment process is a great solution for resistant and/or severe bed bug situations. Call an expert!

Bed Bug Treatment Resistance due to Circumstances

Not all treatment resistance has to do with the products being used! In some instances, we see a lingering bed bug issue because of behaviors, habits or living situations. This can range from a secondary infestation at a friend, family or workplace, but it can also be due to a variety of other reasons. It is critical to identify the source of the infestation in cases that have a continued problem. This investigative work ensures treatment success!