Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

The first step to handling a bed bug infestation is to confirm the problem exists.  We offer free visual inspections which can typically identify the signs of even a small bed bug issue. We also own and provide the option for a bed bug K9 inspection.  We can identify and confirm suspected problem areas, as well as identify areas that you may not have even known had an issue.  Properly inspecting, and then treating, is the only means of getting rid of bed bugs for good!

The reality of bed bugs can be incredibly overwhelming, but at The Bed Bug Pros you are in great hands.  Our experienced professionals and K9 teams have been trained by the best in the industry.  Combining our inspection and treatment plans can mean getting rid of bed bugs for good.

Detection and K9 Inspection

Getting rid of bed bugsAs soon as you suspect a bed bug problem, whether you have seen signs or bites, call us immediately.  Early detection can be key in preventing a severe infestation.  We will arrive at your home and complete a thorough inspection.  Our vehicles are discreet, without any identifying names or information.  Our employees will provide proper identification and guide you through the entire process. Our certified bed bug sniffing dogs can also be used to confirm or detect any size infestation – including any life cycle stage of the bed bugs.

If you have been battling bed bugs for awhile we will evaluate your unique situation and come up with an affordable plan from there.

Treatment for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bug treatment is completed using chemical application, organic pest control and/or thermal remediation. This means we are licensed and insured to apply commercial chemicals, and also offer the option to heat treat.

We start by identifying where you fall on a scale of 1-10, to best determine the type of treatment plan will be most effective.

Many bed bug problems can be effectively treated using chemical or organic applications. In more serious infestations, we can use a combination of heat and chemical. Using special heaters, we heat specific rooms or your entire home to the specified temperatures, and eliminate all stages of bed bugs.  Combining heat and chemical treatments is scientifically proven to be the best means of getting rid of bed bugs in severe infestations, and is a safe and discreet solution.

We start by providing you with preparation instructions, and your treatment is completed on a specific schedule. You do not need to throw away furniture, clothing, carpet or any other household items.

Take back your life from bed bugs, and call our experts today.


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