Bat Bugs

Bat bugs are exactly as they sound. Bats carry small bugs, and in the event bats get into your house, these bugs can get dropped off the bat and seek a food source in your home. They can look very similar to bed bugs and can be mistaken for a bed bug problem!

Bat bugs are going to be found in specific areas of your home, and will not immediately infest the common areas that bed bugs infest (Not at first, at least). Bats can get into attics, fireplaces and other areas of your home that are not completely secured from critters. As a result, they are first commonly found in areas that are near to or access to an attic space. Some examples include near / under bathroom fans, kitchen exhaust fans, closets and/or areas with attic access panel or door. Near to or around fireplaces can also be a common spot, as well as wall voids that have attic access.

Where bed bugs will live and leave droppings and evidence in your bedding and furniture, a bat bug will be first be found at random in the above mentioned areas. They can also be a more seasonal issue, so you would find bugs in the summer months but not other times of the year.

For most, both a bat bug or bed bug situation would have to be gaining in severity to start seeing multiple bugs in a day. Bed bug infestations can worsen quickly, where a bat bug problem will be more likely infrequent sightings so long as it is not a longer, severe infestation.

Identifying a Bat Bug

A bat bug looks very similar to a bed bug, and must be identified using a microscope and consulting trained professionals or entomologists. The absence of the traditional bed bug evidence is always a red flag! In rare instances, twice in our history we have had homes that coincidentally have both bat and bed bugs or have been exposed to bed bugs. We always recommend seeking professional help to identify your issue and then remediate it.

Getting Rid of Bat Bugs

Call a critter removal service in your area and inspect and secure the exterior access points to your attic and fire place! Once all bats are removed and prevented from re-entry, you may require a general pest control service to treat for a bat bug problem. We always recommend using the BBB to find a trusted service provider!