Playing With Bed Bugs and Kids

bed bugs and kidsBed bugs and kids are unfortunately a very likely combination.. When our children are toddlers, the usual play dates are with cousins or our friends, who also have children. As our children get older, are enrolled in preschool or start kindergarten, socialization is a part of growing and they will be invited to the homes of classmates whether it be for a playdate or a birthday party. Unfortunately for all of us, bed bugs are hitch hikers that take advantage of those social situations.

It is not recommended that you, the parent, create an Entomophob (one who has an extreme fear of insects) but there is nothing wrong with you wanting to safeguard your home against your little tike bringing home unwanted guests, namely bed bugs.

Some professionals believe there is nothing wrong with educating your child, who is old enough to understand, what to look for when at a playmate’s house. For Instance, use the appleseed comparison when talking about the possibility of seeing bed bugs. Be advised though, your child may blurt out the concern that you have while in the home of the playmate. Be prepared to discuss your concern with the other parent if asked.

Protecting from bed bugs and kids spreading them

As we have discussed before, If you have a particular concern, but are not one hundred percent sure, there are ways to help safeguard against bringing bed bugs into your home.

When returning home, have your child remove all their clothing at the door and throw all clothing into the dryer for at least a 30 minute cycle on high heat. Inspect shoes, inside and out for evidence of bed bugs. Do not allow your child to take any toys, backpacks or other items that bed bugs can attach to for a ride home.

As an alternative to a play date in the home of others, suggest meeting at a park or other area where children can play.

As always, If you find evidence of bed bugs sharing YOUR home, call us for your free bed bug inspection.