Bed Bugs Aren’t Just For Your Bed

As you already know by now, the most common bed bug infestations are found in areas where we sleep. It is not unusual though for bed bugs to find other modes of transportation into your home.

If you are married or have been in a wedding, you know that It is a common practice for grooms to rent tuxedos, shirts and anything else they may wear on the their wedding day from local businesses providing this service. Prom season is right around the corner too!  Even for everyday wear, sites like Rent the Runway make designer brands available for borrow.  On any given day in the world of online businesses, one can search and locate a number of websites for women to rent their wardrobe. Anything from clothes and shoes, to purses and jewelry. One of the many advertisements for such opportunities likened it to a movie rental, “It’s like Netflix for your closet”. Rented sites are all the rage.

Protecting from Bed Bugs in Rental Clothing

Bed bugs in rental clothingUnfortunately, regardless of the establishment or process – Issues can go undetected.. Yep, you guessed it. Just as we have discussed how bed bugs can hitch a ride on your clothing when you are a friend’s house, they are just as easily able to live on inanimate objects such as rented formal wear or in the shoes of an unsuspecting groom.

Bed bugs in rental clothing may be rare, but when renting clothing be sure to do your due diligence inspecting the articles of clothing to avoid any uninvited guests in your home. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, we advise not using programs like this, and if you honestly find out during the process – Contact the vendor and let them know.  Losing a couple pieces of clothing would make much more sense than potentially exposing a ton of inventory!

This is just one more opportunity in this ever changing world of the web that we open ourselves up to pests, namely bed bugs, being introduced into our homes. So remember to check all those places that bed bugs love to hide, namely zippers and crevices of purses and seams of clothing and shoes.

As always, if you find evidence of bed bugs sharing YOUR home, call us for your free bed bug inspection.