Buying a home is an exciting time! Buying a home with bed bugs can quickly turn that excitement into a nightmare. Whether you are looking to buy a home that has bed bugs or you bought one and found out after the fact, we’ll get you through it.

Just bought a house with bed bugs, now what?

Buying a home and finding out it has a bed bug problem is not ideal, but it is not quite catastrophic. Many people ask do home inspectors check for bed bugs, and the answer is usually no. Most home inspections do not cover pests of any kind, so from bed bugs to mice, roaches, etc – anyone could be in for a surprise. The usual exception to the rule is termites and carpenter bees / ants, because they can cause structural damage. As far as treating and dealing with the situation, call an expert right away!

If you just bought a house with bed bugs, give us a call. Whether you identify the issue prior to moving in or after the fact, we will get a handle on it and get rid of the bed bugs for good. We provide an exceptional amount of information, along with our unique treatment process – Arming you with everything necessary to handle the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

Would you buy a house that had bed bugs?

Say you have fallen in love with a home and see evidence or otherwise find out there is an existing bed bug problem – Would you buy a house that had bed bugs? This answer can be tricky, and basically depends on how bad the problem is and how much work you are willing to do to get rid of it.

If you have a heads up, you can definitely do a lot to get rid of the issue before ever moving in. If it is an extensive bed bug infestation that will require heat treatment, removing and replacing carpeting, extensive cleaning, etc – You may want to consider renegotiating your purchase details to offset some of the cost.

While bed bugs may not be a deal breaker, it definitely should be taken into consideration.

As far as how to identify a bed bug problem in a home you may be considering buying, check for live bugs and fecal stains – Check furniture, walls and baseboards behind and around furniture, curtains, etc.