Effects of Bed bugs

Effects of bed bugs can run the gamut. Anyone who has had bedbugs can attest to the fact that the infestation is a major cause of stress!

The main 3 stress factors from bed bugs are

  1. Social isolation and stigma 
  2. Financial burden caused by necessary treatment
  3. Preparation and preventative measures

I can guarantee, you will never see a friend post on Facebook that they have bedbugs with a frowning emoticon! Bedbug infestations carry a stigma in society of uncleanliness, even though this is the farthest from the truth.

People do not want to admit they have bedbugs and that in itself is a often a major part of the problem.

Ripple Effects of Bed Bugs: How Hiding the Truth can Make it Worse

effects of bed bugsSay, your friend invites you over for coffee. You two sit on the sofa and enjoy each others company catching up on the kid’s activities and work.

She doesn’t tell you she has bedbugs and you would never expect it because after all “her house is always so clean”. Well my friend, you have a good chance of taking her infestation to your home.  Even one single bed bug can come home with you, and lead to an infestation. 

You, in turn, find yourself in the same situation. It can be a never ending cycle of infestations.

Whether you are in denial and not treating the problem or are in the process of treatment with a professional exterminator, the best solution is to avoid any chance of spreading the infestation by not entertaining in your home until the treatment has been deemed effective.  

If you choose to be honest, be prepared for some of your friends to avoid you like the plague. You may be surprised at how many people in your circle have been in your position. Keep your finger’s crossed they are not in denial! We help clients communicate, offer our free inspections and ultimately get to the bottom of a bed bug infestation.

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