Buying a Home? Better Check for Pests

home inspections and bugsHome inspections and bugs may not be the first thought to cross your mind … Everything is exciting… for the first 5 minutes or so! Once reality can begin to set in, there may be some additional items that need a reality check.  Unfortunately, your home inspection and bugs and related issues may be one of them!

Whether you are a first time home buyer or one that has outgrown your current abode, there are few things more important than a home inspection by a reputable inspector. Home inspections are often required as part of the closing and/or finance process during the sale of a home, and further they provide some serious peace of mind!

Many feel very confident after getting references from friends, talking to and ultimately hiring a home inspector. This fades as we find out, much to our surprise, the checklist is lengthy for home inspections and bugs are not on it! Looking for pest infestations, of any kind, was not on the home inspection, unless in some cases damage is found and later attributed to pests.. You guessed it, for many it is too late. That ‘New home glow’ quickly fades, after many have already moved in when an infestation is found.. This could be damaging carpenter bees or carpenter ants, dreaded termites, or even an infestation of bed bugs.

What an expensive lesson to learn, especially in many cases, when the funds were already flowing for other expenses. 

Protect Yourself – Go Beyond Home Inspections and Bugs Make the List

Today with bed bug infestations on the rise, you do not want to pass on an inspection separate from your general home inspector. There is no law requiring disclosure of the seller regarding bed bug infestations. Believe it or not, people may actually sell their home to get away from the infestation….YIKES!

Learn from others’ experiences and be sure to engage a certified/licensed pest service to inspect the home prior to finalizing the deal. 

When choosing a pest inspection service, do your due diligence. Even though the pest inspectors are licensed to inspect, they do not necessarily perform the necessary treatment required to alleviate the infestation. 

For more information or to schedule an inspection, call us today!