Identifying the Evidence and Signs of Bed Bugs

Signs of bed bugs can vary based on how new the situation is. Knowing how to look, and what to look for, is important to catching a bed bug issue early and getting the treatment process started.

4 Signs of Bed Bugs


For some, the first sign of a bed bug problem is strange bites. Especially during the winter months when we aren’t spending time outside, bites can be a common first sign of a bed bug issue. Just a few bugs can quickly leave bites!

If you or a family member is getting bed bug bites they can show on some, but may not show on everyone. About 30% of people from ages 10-60 years old do not show any signs of bed bug bites. For those that do show bed bug bites, they can look like little red dots, or can be irritated and look larger like mosquito bites or even like hives effecting larger areas.

Bed Bug Bites


Sounds obvious, but bed bugs can hide well. Searching furniture cracks and crevices may locate even a small number of bed bugs. Check couches and chairs, and check your mattress especially around the seams. Take any loose bedding and blankets and dry on high heat for at least 30 minutes.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Blood / Droppings

New strange stains can be bed bug droppings. These stains almost look like ink stains on fabric or material. They can be very small, but easy to see on lighter sheets, fabrics and mattresses.

Bed Bug Droppings


In situations where some time has passed, it can be easier to find these signs, as well as seeing bed bug skins. They can collect in seams and furniture crevices.

Bed Bug Skins

If you suspect you have been exposed to bed bugs and may have an issue, getting started with treatment right away is important. Give us a call today to learn more about our bed bug treatment process! 216-544-8292