Handling Bed Bugs with a Loved One

When family has bed bugs unfortunately it means that any regular visitors are susceptible, much like how we spread the flu during cold and flu season. Handling it the proper way is going to be essential for everyone’s stress levels, relationship health and overall, successfully getting rid of bed bugs! It is common for us to treat a family unit that has multiple households impacted and infested with bed bugs. Here are some tips for when loved ones, friends and family has bed bugs.

Family has Bed Bugs, Now What?

First and foremost, if someone you know has discovered bed bugs and you frequently visit their home or have them to yours, it’s time to get your home inspected! A single bed bug can hitch a ride home with you, and since people display signs and symptoms of bites differently, you may or may not know it. It’s better to be safe than sorry and restrict any visitors until you know whether or not you have bed bugs.

Having the conversation with family or friends can be an awkward topic, but it will be important to discuss it if you really want to get rid of the problem for good. If a family of 5 different households often visits and interacts with one another, and all 5 households get bed bugs – all 5 must complete treatment.  Otherwise, any untreated homes would still have the problem and would continue to spread them amongst the other households. The alternative is that untreated households mean those individuals should not be allowed to visits or have visitors to their home. Not fun!

Tips for Handling Bed Bugs with Family

If your family has bed bugs in more than one household, there are some tips for preventing the continued spread and to successfully complete a treatment program!

  1. Restrict visits and visitors. While you are going through treatment and until your home is cleared – Do not allow visitors and do not visit other peoples’ homes.
  2. Prevent Spread. If you must go to someones’ home, dry clothing you plan to wear on high heat for 30 mins and change immediately before you go.  If you are visiting someones’ home in your family that you know is undergoing treatment for bed bugs, remove your clothing and put it immediately into your dryer or into a sealed bag as soon as you return home.
  3. Open Discussion. Talk to family in the impacted households.. Don’t point fingers and play the blame game! Stay in touch and make sure everyone is doing the proper tasks to ensure treatment is successful and you are able to move on!
  4. Be Thoughtful. Bed bugs can feel very isolating and has a stigma that may be overwhelming for some. Be kind and thoughtful! Bed bugs can happen to anyone, anytime.
  5. Select a trusted service provider. Having a proper treatment plan and having all family households on the same page is the single best way to complete a successful treatment if family has bed bugs.

If your family suspects bed bugs, call us now for free inspections! We will inspect each household impacted and present a plan to treat or confirm no such issue exists.  216-544-8292