Spot treatment for bed bugs is ineffective, period. If you’re starting the process of looking for a bed bug treatment option, prepare to be a bit overwhelmed with information! Between the internet and talking to service providers, there is a ton of information to process when you are likely already very stressed. Hopefully this helps to provide some clarity!

Before you hire a service provider, it’s important to understand why spot treatment for bed bugs does not work! Not only is it ineffective, it can end up costing you in the long run as a result of tricky sales tactics some exterminators use.

Spot Treatment for Bed Bugs is like Playing Whack a Mole

Bed bugs are a problem for your ENTIRE house. Spot treating certain rooms or pieces of furniture is simply ineffective. The very nature of bed bugs and how they travel is exactly why your entire home must be treated. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, and will travel from one room to the next on you, your blankets, clothing, etc. They can also use baseboards throughout your house to travel around from room to room.

Spot treating certain rooms provides very limited opportunities for bed bugs to come into contact with the treatment chemicals, thus proving ineffective. The bugs will simply find untreated places to hide and continue to feed and infest your home.

Spot treating your home is a way for service providers to charge “ala carte” pricing, which ends up costing you unnecessarily in the long run. Some service providers will provide pricing to treat certain rooms or certain pieces of furniture. When it doesn’t work, they simply continue to charge for return trips and treatments.

Why Whole House Bed Bug Treatment Works

Treating your entire house is effective because it eliminates any safe havens and provides every opportunity for bed bugs to come into contact with the treatment chemical being used. During a bed bug treatment, every single area of your home should receive treatment;

  • All hard furniture (Nightstands, tables, dressers)
  • All soft furniture (Beds, couches, chairs)
  • All baseboards (in every room and hallway)

Treatment of your entire house, including multiple treatments using different chemical products, provides the absolute best solution for eliminating bed bugs. The cost and success rate of a whole house treatment for bed bugs ends up saving you in the long run versus paying hundreds in return trips to have only pieces and parts of your home treated.