Bed Bug DIY 101

DIY has become a part of our daily life. It saves money, you can learn a new skill and get stuff done! Unfortunately bed bug DIY is a different beast all together. DIY treatments can make your problem worse, quickly. They can also be downright dangerous. Here is a run down of bed bug DIY 411!

Basic Bed Bug DIY

DIY bed bug treatment can include sprays from big box stores or online, dusts, bug bombs, alcohol spray and a variety of dangerous self-heat strategies. 

The biggest issue with products available for self treatment is how those products work. First off, bed bug shelf products are repellant based. This means they push bugs away from the area (much how we use ant and spider DIY products). With bed bugs, this can actually make your problem worse and cause the bed bugs to seek harborage in other areas. It seems it’s working because you don’t see bugs, but the reality is you have just created an expert level game of hide and seek (and eat). 

Shelf products like sprays and bombs are also able to claim efficacy with very little actual results. It’s all marketing! And because it chases the bugs away, you get a false (and fleeting) sense of relief. They simple are not as effective and don’t work the same as professional products. You must have a commercial pest control license to purchase these chemicals. 

Dangerous dusts are a whole topic in and of itself. Products like Diatomaceous earth are marketed as organic, but in all reality have similar components to asbestos. We see customers time and again that have doused their house in dust, and have put themselves, their kids and pets all at risk. Not to mention, the proper and safe dust application is very specific! Silicosis can lead to serious health problems, including lung cancer, COPD, asthma and more. If you have applied dusts in your home, you must clean it up using a HEPA filter vacuum so that you do not contaminate your home more.

Bed Bugs and Alcohol – Many individuals and even company protocols claim alcohol spray works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.  Not only is alcohol dangerously flammable, it can cause serious respiratory issues. The only way alcohol can be used as a tool is to spray it on your shoes and pants immediately after coming into contact with bed bugs (outside only). It won’t kill them, but it does cause them to go into a shock and easier to brush off your clothing.

Self Use of the Pro Stuff – This is something that can be incredibly dangerous. Not only are you not licensed to use it, you haven’t had the training to use it properly. Many use more than the recommended mixture amount, you can cause serious health dangers and cause a seriously strong super bed bug (sounds crazy but it’s true).  Professional pesticides are intended to be applied at a certain rate, in a certain manner and with a certain mixture, period. 

There is even a law in Ohio regarding treatment of rentals without a license.


Unfortunately, the only effective and safe means of getting rid of a bed bug problem is to hire a professional. Trying to self treat can quickly make your problem worse (which already naturally worsens over time) and can cause serious health risks for you and your family. 

Bed bug treatment can be done correctly, and affordably. Call us today to learn about our treatment options! 216-544-8292