Understanding what a Bed Bug Addendum is

A bed bug addendum is an added document in your lease agreement, which stipulates information related to bed bugs. This will typically include information like the following;

  • Bed bug policy
  • Bed bug financial responsibility
    • i.e. if the renter brings bed bugs in, the renter is responsible for paying
    • If an adjacent unit or another tenant infests your unit, landlord financial responsibility
  • Landlord certifies the unit as bed bug free via expert inspection
  • Disclosure requirements (i.e. if you get bed bugs you are required to disclose it to your landlord)
  • Treatment requirements (professional services required, not ineffective DIY treatment methods that can spread the issue)
  • Eviction procedure
  • Security deposit / remediation fees

Why you WANT a bed bug addendum in your lease as a Renter

Many may see a bed bug addendum and immediately want to run the other direction, especially if you have never dealt with this type of pest before. Bed bug addendums are growing increasingly more common, and we have a serious issue in our area, which is making this a top priority for landlords AND tenants across Northeast Ohio.

A bed bug addendum means your landlord or property management company is on top of it, and has a policy in place. This is absolutely better than the alternative, which could end up costing you in the long run. If you are NOT bringing bed bugs in when you move, then you definitely want to a bed bug addendum in your lease agreement that certifies your rental as bed bug free, and outlines policy for bed bugs at the property. If you’re asking yourself “should I sign bed bug addendum” the answer is yes – It protects you and shows your landlord is taking it into consideration and committed to protecting tenants and the building from a bed bug problem.

Why you WANT a bed bug addendum in your lease as a Landlord

Unfortunately, bed bugs can be an unexpected emergency expense that can spread like wildfire and be even more difficult to contain. Including a bed bug addendum in your lease agreements, and taking the extra step to inspect units when tenants depart, is a small adjustment up front instead of thousands of dollars in treatment costs down the line.

A bed bug addendum also provides you the ability to keep a security deposit if a tenant was not forthcoming, and left a bed bug issue behind. Talk to an attorney and cover all your bases! A bed bug addendum protects you, but also protects your tenants and will become the norm in our area as more and more tenants and landlords get burned in a bed bug situation.

Click here to view a sample bed bug addendum PDF. This document is for reference only and should not be used without consulting proper legal advice. No information located on this website should be construed as formal legal advice.