Understanding The Differences in Pest Control Companies

When it comes to picking a professional pest control company, there are some surprising things that you might want to consider. Hiring local pest control services definitely has benefits. Most people would assume that the big name national brand companies would have the best of the best when it comes to knowledgeable and experienced service technicians. After all, they are multi-billion dollar corporations that have the financial means to attract and license the best and most dependable technicians available, right?

A Small License Lesson

local pest controlYou might be shocked to find out that the person you are relying on to be an expert on pesticide applications (what to use and how to use it safely) doesn’t need anything more than just a driver’s license to start doing treatments inside your home. Thats right, as you can see in the actual help wanted ad, a driver’s license is all that is required, no experience needed. While located locally, there is a big difference from local pest control and a service technician!

The way this works is by having the new hire work under the company’s license. The problem with this process is that the new hire has completed training, but not nearly as extensive as a licensed applicator. In addition, if the new hire doesn’t follow the laws regarding the application of the chemicals to be used and someone gets sick, then the company is liable and not the new hire. So in other words, if someone with no experience comes into your home and performs an application incorrectly and in an unsafe manner,  they aren’t held responsible at the end of the day. They are not held personally liable for the damages because they don’t have a commercial pesticide applicator’s license.

 Hiring Local Pest Control – Individually Licensed Experts

This is where the important difference is between local pest control companies and the big players. For example, at our company we only hire individually licensed service technicians to perform our chemical treatments. The reason being is if the employee is licensed to do the application, then they are also personally liable for the quality of service to be performed. This holds our services and professionals to a higher standard, as well as verifying that they are competent to do they job properly and safely.

If you’re considering reaching out for some assistance with a pest control problem, be sure to make certain that the professional in your home is properly licensed as well as adequately insured.  Local pest control is an affordable option! This will help protect you and your family from possible problems associated with unqualified and inexperienced service technicians.

Individually licensed applicators have undergone extensive training, testing and annual education to maintain their knowledge in the industry.  These are the people you want treating your home, answering your questions and ultimately – Getting rid of your pest problems.

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