Show Me Some Skin

Bed Bug BitesBed bug bites are not this seasons’ newest trend! Warm weather is right around the corner here in Northeast Ohio, and along with the warm weather is the exposure of more skin than we can bare in the winter months.

Unsightly insect bites may be visible for all to see! From our kids to seniors, anyone of any age can have adverse reactions to bed bug bites.  

Unlike any other insect, bed bugs first introduce an anesthetic like effect onto your skin allowing them to feed without you feeling it and subsequently waking you, and allowing you to unconsciously swipe them away. This anesthetic like property in the bed bug saliva causes increased blood flow to the area allowing them to feast more efficiently and effectively. 

While any insect bite can leave a scar, some reports indicate bed bug bites may be more likely to scar. Sensitive skin being the most hard hit, it is imperative that you seek treatment, and take care to minimize the lasting visible effects of a bed bug bite.

To make matters worse, when you do finally realize that you have been bitten by the culprits, they have already filled their bellies and left their waste behind so when you do scratch the inevitable itch there is a risk for infection if the skin is broken.

Handling Bed Bug Bites

Some individuals show zero signs of bed bugs, because they have zero reaction to the bed bug bites!  Unfortunately for many, a single bed bug bite can wreak havoc.  The first step in attempting to alleviate the itch and unsightly inflammation of the skin caused by scratching are home remedies and over the counter topical agents.

It is said that squeezing lemon juice on the site will temporarily relieve you of some of the discomfort associated with the sensation to itch the area.. However, proceed with caution with the use of lemon juice if there is a visible break in the skin.

Over the counter topical agents to help relieve the itch can include, but are not limited to, Calamine Lotion and Hydrocortisone Cream. In most cases, you can expect resolution of the effects of the bite within one to two weeks.

Less common effects sited from bed bug bites are extreme inflammation of the site, as well as allergic reaction causing exacerbation of respiratory conditions including asthma and chronic bronchitis requiring the attention of a physician for treatment.

We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose a bed bug issue or bed bug bites, based on skin conditions.  If you have concerns about your skin or your family, please contact a physician. This is simply general helpful information to be shared.

As always, If you find evidence of bed bugs sharing YOUR home, call us for your free inspection. Don’t wait until 1 bed bug becomes 1,000!