Bed Bug Detection Using K9s

For potential infestations large and small, bed bug dog inspections are the most efficient, affordable and effective means of identifying a problem.  The quicker our bed bug K9 detects your trouble areas, the faster we can begin a treatment plan!  Our experienced K9 team and handler have been trained by the best in the industry, and our detection methods have been proven time and again, to be the best way to detect any size bed bug infestations.

Using a bed bug dog to detect an infestation in hotel rooms, businesses, vehicles, homes and other potentially infested areas is more effective and efficient than just relying on visual inspections.  The adult stage of the bed bug life cycle is easier to identify with a naked eye, but these elusive pests are known for their hiding skills.  Further, the egg and nymph stages are virtually impossible to find without a trained sniffing dog, aside from cases of very severe infestations.


Bed bug dog inspectionTypes of Bed Bug K9 Inspections

Relying on a bed bug dog inspection is also a great way to detect a problem early.  When you first begin to suspect a problem, simply call our pros and our K9 team will complete your inspection.  Detecting an issue early can make treatment easier and more affordable!

At The Bed Bug Pros we use our K9s for different types of inspections. Proactive inspections can identify a problem, even in its’ infancy.  Inspections that are targeted are used to confirm a suspicious area, and a follow up inspection confirms that treatment was effective. This 3 step process gives our business and residential customers peace of mind and ensures effective treatment.

How Does a Bed Bug Dog Work

Our bed bug K9s and handlers have been hand selected and extensively trained by professionals with decades of experience.  Based on their prey drive and other natural instincts, our dogs have learned to identify all stages of the bed bug life cycle.  They can quickly and discreetly inspect a large areas or multiple rooms, without disruptions.  Our cues are unknown to any onlookers, and confidentiality is our top priority.

Take Control of Your Bed Bug Problem NOW!

Get back control today, start by making the call to our experts at The Bed Bug Pros.  Your peace of mind is only a phone call away!