To say we are living in uncertain times seems like the understatement of the century right now. The health and social guidelines established to help fight Corona Virus have been an adjustment for many, but for those that have battled a bed bug problem, you may recognize some similarities!

We are open, designated as an essential business in the state of Ohio, and operating adhering to ALL health and social distancing guidelines established to keep ourselves and you/your families safe.

Our Operations

As a service provider in bed bug extermination, you can imagine we take precautions and measures to ensure we are having minimal contact, as well as establishing some additional precautions during this time of social distancing. We are using phone conversations and bug photo ID to replace many of our in person consultations and inspections. We are also providing phone quote pricing, as well as offering flexible scheduling and payment plans.

We are committed to serving our customers effectively and safely, and will continue to adhere to all guidelines set out by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for our application process, as well as all social distancing and safe health practices. We are always masked, gloved and ready for action.

Social Distancing Similarities

For those that have battled a bed bug problem in the past or are currently working through a treatment process, some of these social distancing measures may seem familiar. When you have bed bugs it is critical to protect your family and friends by limiting contact and following specific protective protocols. Further, particularly for our senior customers and those that are disabled or homebound, this can be a very isolating process. While social distancing and following protective measures may vary slightly for bed bugs, the general concepts are the same. Protect those you love, but also ensure that you are communicating with your loved ones, checking on them and reassuring that this too shall pass.

We will get you through this process, and for many this extra time spent at home can highlight the severity of a problem. Give us a call today to get an overview of the process, and a custom treatment estimate.