Risks of Bed Bugs in the Dating World

Love is in the air this weekend, and it’s a good time to talk about the not-so-romantic side of dating.  Bed Bugs and dating are a harsh reality. Unfortunately, both homes and public places can have bed bugs and the bedbugs are able to hitch a ride to your home. The best thing is to be proactive and aware!

Movie Theaters

Bed bugs can be at movie theaters, and due to the nature of new theater designs and seating – It can be very difficult for theaters to ID a problem, or even treat it effectively. The best thing to do it dry your coat and clothing as soon as you get back home from the move theater. Visually inspect for any signs of pests, like a live bed bug!


Although less common, you can also take bed bugs home from your dinner date night! Because bed bugs can hitch a ride on someones’ clothes or coat, they can also get left in restaurant seating.  Opt for chairs and avoid booth seating. Again, if you see or suspect anything, check your clothes and dry everything as soon as you get home.

Date Night at Home

Spending time at each others’ home is the highest risk for bed bugs in dating. It’s a terrible conversation to have with your significant other, but worse things have happened over the history of time. Think of it as a test of your relationship, but you can get through it!

Whether you just started dating, or you’ve been together awhile – It’s important to be aware and look for the signs if you suspect a bed bug problem. If you or your SO does have bed bugs, call for a free consult and treatment plant to make sure you handle the problem 100%. Remember, everyone reacts differently so it’s common for the visiting SO to be the one that actually recognizes an issue because he or she shows bites and signs (where the resident may not!)


Don’t shoot the messenger, but call US for a free inspection today! We pride ourselves in a discreet, honest sales process that is affordable for all budgets. We will get your through this, and make your bed bug dating chapter a thing of the past. Call 216-544-8292 for a free inspection!