While bed bugs are definitely not a seasonal pest, we do see an uptick in calls in the summer months for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips to narrow down and identify potential risks and potential problems, before sending your fears and anxiety into overdrive!

Activity and Habits

Summer (especially our precious few months in Ohio) changes our habits, activities and plans completely. Kids are off school, more folks take vacation time in the nice weather and we are overall completely different creatures of habit than in the cold W months. This can mean higher risk for some scenarios, but also more false panic for others!

Sleepovers, day cares and summer camps

While our kids are in school throughout the year and bed bug risks can be very real, summer is also an interesting time of year for these dreaded pests. Day cares and summer camps are different than the school environment, with clothing, towels and the likes all lumped together, unlike how things are during the school day. We also all can count to infinity how many times we are asked (daily) “Can me and so and so have a sleepover, pleeeeeease?” .. Which could potentially lend to an issue.

Beaches, pools and outdoor time 

Since we are spending more time outside, we are also exposing ourselves to more outside pests. Mosquitos, sand fleas and other pesky biters can give bites and rashes that send a household into a tailspin. The good news is outdoor entertaining is done in the summer months, which equates to a lower risk of house guests dropping off a bed bug in your home!


While travel is likely the least of the risk factors for our area, it is still a reality. We recommend following tips to prevent bringing bed bugs home, and immediately notifying management if you notice a problem in your hotel room or Air BNB.

Mistaken Identity

Fleas, ticks and other summer pests can quickly lead to full blown panic when mistakenly identified as bed bugs. Take a deep breath, and let’s narrow down the suspect list!

In addition to snapping a picture and texting it our way, there are other ways to identify bed bugs or other pest.. Signs of bed bugs include fecal droppings, skins, bites and dead bugs.

Text 216-544-8292 with your pest pic, try to get it on a piece of clear tape and get a good visual picture.  We’ll text you back an answer!

Showing More Skin

Circling back on all of the above, nice weather, more pests and different habits – Summer we show more skin, and aren’t bundled head to toe like we are in the tundra season. This can mean bed bug bites are noticed that were not seen before, but it also means an increase in mosquito bites, flea bites and more.

Tips to Keep your Cool

Before you panic, assess your recent risk factors, check for other signs of bed bugs and consider all possibilities. If you can find a live bug (whatever it is) text us a picture!

Whether it is a new bed bug issue or you simply notice different signs or bites, give us a call. We can complete a free inspection and get you on the right track!

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