Bedbugs and Holiday Travel: Tips for Spreading Cheer, Not Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and travel go hand in hand. Americans travel far and wide in order to make it home for the holidays, where they can spend time with loved ones and spread holiday cheer. It’s estimated that well over 100 million people will be traveling from one house to next during the holiday season, but most are unaware that presents and good food aren’t the only things that will be shared with their arrival. Bed bugs and travel for the holidays can be a recipe for disaster.

Given the nature of how bedbugs use hitchhiking as they’re primary means of transportation, the holidays are by far one of the biggest boosts to their activity as reported by industry records. 

When you think about it, what are some of the things we do when we prepare for a trip this time of year?

While packing our suitcases and bags we often tend use our bed as a workstation. First we put our suitcase on the bed, then we fold our clothes and start to pack everything we are taking. 

This is a perfect chance for a hitchhiking bed bug to climb aboard your packed goods, and set off for a new home to invade. 

On the other end, when we get to our destination we tend to put that same suitcase on the bed that we will be using during our stay. Again this is a perfect opportunity for the hitchhiking bed bug to crawl out of the suitcase and start a new infestation. 

The fact is that we aren’t going to stop traveling to see our family and friends, so here are a couple of helpful tips in order to protect your home, or a loved ones home from the risk of infestation. 

Bed Bugs and Travel: Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs

For the Traveler:

1.) When packing your bags try do it on a clean, clutter free table. This will help eliminate the possibility that if there are any bedbugs on your bed that they will not be able to get inside or onto your suitcase. 

2.) Run all clothing that is to be packed through the dryer on the high setting for at least 30 mins. This step is very important, because the heat from the dryer will kill any bedbugs that may have crawled on to the clothes before packing. 

3.) Once you’ve arrived at your destination try and keep your bags in your car, or out in a garage area. This helps to minimize the possibility of a bed bug crawling out of your bag and directly into the bedroom that you are going to be using during your visit.  

For the Host:

1.) Again, try and store guest bags and clothing in an area that’s less conducive to bed bugs life style. (Cars/ garage/ covered porches/ basement)

2.) After guests have left take all bed linens and dry them on high heat for at least 30 mins. This will help if anything had dropped off of them during their stay. 

3.) Don’t be afraid to ask your guests where they have stayed during their travels.Bed bugs and travel risks are common knowledge! Talk to them about their safe practices, and ask if there has been anything out of the ordinary in regards to rashes or other skin irritations that they or they’re travel companions have recently noticed. 

4.) Most importantly, if you or someone in your household suspects that there might be something going, don’t hesitate to contact a professional service provider to come out and do a more thorough investigation. 

While bed bugs and travel are a common issue and cause for infestations, it’s important to remember that bed bugs are not DIRTY bugs.  Be calm and kind, and remember a bed bug problem can happen to ANYONE!

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