Make Sure Your College Kids Don’t Bring Home Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in college dorms can spread like wildfire any time of year! With spring break right around the corner for many colleges, it is time to prepare your home. Reduce the possibility of the pests hitching a ride home with your college student!

Columbus ranked #5 and Cleveland-Akron-Canton ranked #13 for worst bed bug issues, in a recent NEW YORK DAILY NEWS report!

Bed Bugs in College DormsBed Bugs in College Dorms

College dorm rooms provide excellent conditions for bed bugs to thrive. Kids from all over come together and with their belongings from home. They may be bringing pests into their dorm rooms or simply passing them from one to the next. From late night study sessions to lazy Saturdays, the ease of transporting bed bugs throughout a dorm building is frightening!

Some colleges have best practices to control bed bug infestations. These best practice policies are made available to all students on campus.

If your student suspects a bed bug issue is it important that he or she reports it immediately and starts to take precautions!

Protect Your Home This Spring Break

Remind your college student to avoid clothing and clutter in their dorm room. The less clutter, the easier to identify if an infestation occurs. Cleanliness does not guarantee that bed bugs will not find your child’s dorm room habitable – but it will allow them to identify the problem if it should occur.

Remind your student not to bring in any used furniture into their room. We all know the average college student is flat busted broke! However, what is free or cheap today may create an expense in the long run.

When your student heads home on break, bag and dry all clothing, bedding, etc for at least a 60 minute cycle on high heat. This includes ANYTHING that was in the dorm, in the car, etc. Wipe down items like electronics and other hard or plastic belongings.

Create an area where anything being brought into your home can be examined closely, before allowing it into the rest of the house. For example, backpacks are a great place for bed bugs to hide in the areas around zippers.

Diligence on your own part, and your college student’s part, will decrease the chance of bed bugs enjoying their spring break in your home!!!!

If you find evidence of bed bugs sharing YOUR home, or suspect bed bugs in college dorms, call us for your free inspection. 216-544-8292!