Bed bugs in hotels, cabins, vacation houses, motels and the like are not the weekend getaway guests most want to encounter. Unfortunately, it is an issue in our area, but not for the reasons you may think!

The lodging industry has gotten a bad rep in the bed bug realm, and while some may be at fault, most are a victim themselves. The truth is that some have a prevention and treatment plan in place, but even the most vigilant of places can get the uninvited guests without warning. In one case this year, when seasonal cabins were opened up for the spring, bed bugs were found still alive, having survived the freezing cold winter months only to welcome guests again!

If a guest stays at a property and already has bed bugs when they check in, there is a good chance they may leave a few behind when they leave. Even the cleanest of establishments can be at risk for these hitchhikers to stay behind and cause a problem. That puts any subsequent guests at risk, and it can all happen before any one even sees evidence or signs that there is a bed bug problem.

Getaway (From Bed Bugs)

We are very lucky to live in an area that has some pretty great weekend getaway spots. From the wineries to Cedar Point and Kalahari, to the Lake and everything else our area has to offer – Unfortunately we also have a pretty bad bed bug issue.

Protecting yourself is key. For managers and owners of vacation rental properties and hotels, protecting your guests is critical!

For your next trip;

  • Check your room or rental when you arrive for signs of bed bug activity (and cleanliness)
  • Keep your belongings and suitcases stored on luggage racks and counter tops
  • When you get back home, leave everything in the garage or car until you can wash it and dry it on HIGH heat

Taking these extra precautions will help to reduce the risk of bringing bed bugs into your house when you get home.

If you are currently undergoing a treatment for bed bugs, travel should be limited and all precautionary steps taken to ensure you don’t take them to other places.

For vacation rental owners and property managers;

  • Keep your eyes pealed – Bed bugs can be brought in by guests at any time
  • Reduce the risk by providing bedding, linens and towels and properly laundering these items
  • Think about preventative K9 inspections