Tasks and Chores for Bed Bug Treatment

Treating for bed bugs is equal parts art and science. The process and plans work, but this is team work, not miracle work! There are routine chores and tasks that should be completed in order to ensure your treatment is effective. ALL members of your household must be committed and participate!

In general, if you have bed bugs it is critical that you keep the house picked up and keep clutter to a minimum. This includes loose clothing, piles of clothes, toys, etc .. Pet items, blankets – All clutter should be kept to a minimum throughout the treatment process.  This includes closets too, and be sure not to store anything under beds or furniture during the treatment process.

Clutter and Vacuum

Next step is to do a heavy vacuum before your treatment. Move and vacuum under furniture, vacuum all floors and baseboards and any areas that dust bunnies have collected. If you have tried to self treat with Diatomaceous Earth you MUST use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner or a Shop Vac fine particulate filter.

Any heavy grime and build up on baseboards needs scrubbed and cleaned as well. This is one of the most important treatment areas and it’s critical the the surface to be treated is clean and free of debris.. It is also important that baseboards are not wiped/disturbed throughout the treatment process.

During the treatment process it’s important to keep all clutter picked up and vacuum routinely!


Any extra bedding, pillows, extra blankets, decorative pillows, stuffed animals – Need to be dried on HIGH heat for 30 minutes and then bagged in trash bags and sealed. After the FULL treatment process is completed, items can be returned to their homes. It is also important to ensure routine drying of bedding, pillows and blankets on high heat for at least 30 minutes at least once a week.

Misc To Dos

  • Items should stay in the rooms they started in. We do not want to be moving furniture or any other items around the house. The only things that should leave a room is garbage and clothing or bedding that is being dried.
  • Do not use any DIY chemicals at any time during treatment process! No sprays, bombs, powders – Nothing!
  • Keep visitors to a minimum. You do not want people coming in and taking bed bugs home with them..
  • When going places, such as family events, restaurants, work, etc – you MUST dry the clothing you are going to wear for 30 mins on high heat BEFORE you leave your house. Take it immediately from the dryer, put it on and leave the house. Do not sit on furniture, etc before leaving!

This can all be a bit overwhelming, but it’s possible and it will ensure your bed bug treatment process is successful!

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