DIY Bed Bug Inspection Tips

So you’ve had a strange bite or suspect you may have been exposed to bed bugs, now what? A DIY bed bug inspection can help you determine whether or not there is cause for concern.

Bed bugs can be quite elusive, especially in the beginning. If you’ve only brought a single bug or a few bed bugs home, then it can be difficult to find evidence. This is when we would recommend doing a K9 inspection, as the dog is able to find a single living bed bug.

In situations that some time has passed and evidence has had a chance to collect, a DIY bed bug inspection can be the first step in determining whether or not you’ve got yourself a situation on your hands.

DIY Bed Bug Inspection Steps

  1. Start by checking your bedding. This is easier if the bedding is a lighter color. Check all bedding in your house. Check pillow cases, sheets and comforters. You are going to be looking for spots that look like an ink pen was dotted onto the fabric. This can be blood or bed bug fecal stains. The spot can bleed a bit into the crevices in the fabric. You may also find crumb like debris that are the shed skins.
  2. Check your pillows, mattress, box spring and bed skirts. Look for the stains mentioned above. Pay close attention on pillows and box springs or on mattresses. On mattresses, you want to be checking the edge seems or piping. On box springs, check the corners under the plastic covers.
  3. Look for live bugs or nests of eggs or baby bugs. A live bed bug can hid in the crevices along the seams of your mattress. Another common spot is at the corners of your box spring. If you can, flip your mattress and box spring over. This is typically where bed bugs will hide. It’s completely hidden from plain sight and easy access to you for feeding.
  4. Check areas around your bed. For example, nightstands, dressers or curtains. This can also be side tables and furniture in the living room. Check anything near where you sleep or take a nap.

Now what?

If you find any evidence or cause for concern, call a bed bug specialist immediately. A thorough professional inspection would be the next step. In the case of no evidence, but the situation seems conducive, a bed bug K9 inspection can pinpoint whether or not there is a problem.

If you’re in Northeast Ohio, call us today at 216-544-8292. If you’re outside of our area, check your local BBB for a licensed expert!