Why We Do Free Bed Bug Inspections

Free bed bug inspections are a very important part of our business. A thorough check of your home or business allows us to get a complete idea of what exactly is going on. A bed bug inspection can show us all of the signs and evidence, including a good idea of the length of time the issue has been going on.

While many home service companies charge for various inspections, and even some of our competitors work a fee in, having it be truly 100% free is the most effective way. We want to be able to have a thorough understanding of each unique customer situation from the very beginning!

How We Do Them

Our free inspections are very simple. A licensed bed bug exterminator comes to your home or business, and starts searching for all of the telltale signs. In some more serious bed bug infestations, we find evidence very quickly and easily.  In other situations, it can take some searching and we want our customers to be there every step of the way!

During free bed bug inspections we check all furniture, including beds, couches, chairs and the likes. We are looking for bed bug eggs, skins, live bed bugs or fecal stains. We keep our customers involved through the entire process, to be able to show the evidence or prove the lack there of.

Sometimes we don’t find anything! Sometimes we find evidence when other exterminators have missed it. 

Why Our Free Bed Bug Inspections are Different

Our bed bug inspections are completed by an actual licensed bed bug exterminator. This is different than many of our competitors, that have multiple “techs” working under a main blanket license.

While this is common and acceptable practice in the pest control industry, for something like bed bugs it leaves critical room for error.

Many inexperienced technicians miss common evidence or are simply not committed to doing a thorough job. Some companies that provide thermal services only may not even have licensed bed bug exterminators at all.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, give us a call! Let us walk you through the process and complete a 100% free inspection!

You can call us at 216-544-8292 or request free bed bug inspections using our easy online form.