In what may be the early days, it can be pretty difficult to identify a bed bug problem. Before panic ensues, follow this list to determine whether or not you may have a bed bug issue and need to schedule an inspection.

  1. Look for Live Bed Bugs – Check cracks and crevices of your mattress, including the seams and under any mattress covers. Mattresses tend to be lighter in color, but use a flashlight during your search! A bed bug can tend to hide well, so take your time to check each bed in your home. You can also check the cracks and crevices of couches and chairs, especially if it’s a piece of furniture that’s used often or slept on.
  2. Look for the Signs of Bed Bugs – This can include fecal droppings and shed skins. Bed bug fecal droppings look like an ink stain on the fabric, and bleeds a bit as it follows the fabrics’ pattern. These can be very tiny spots, the size of a pen tip or smaller! Check for stains on bedding, under pillows and on crevices of mattress seams or box spring / frame.
  3. Bites – Check yourself and any other members of the household for signs of bites. Not everyone shows signs of bed bug bites, but strange bites are a good indicator you may have bed bugs. Bites especially in the winter time can be indicative of a bed bug problem.

If you find evidence and think you have bed bugs, give us a call to schedule an inspection or check your local BBB to find a bed bug exterminator.

If you are not certain or did not find any evidence, but feel you may have been exposed or have risk factors (Work, family, etc) then a K9 inspection is a great next step! A certified bed bug dog inspection can find a single bed bug in your home, and is an affordable option to confirm whether or not you have bed bugs.